Two budgets: Repairing shampoo & conditioner

I love trying out new shampoo and conditioner duos. It’s one of the many reasons I tend to end up with a shower filled with various products that I have in rotation opting to use a selection rather than being totally loyal to one combination. This partly comes from my beauty-junkie habit but also from the fact I tend to have different ‘issues’ I want to address hair care wise. Sometimes I want something for my sensitive scalp, sometimes I want something to sort out my dry ends, sometimes I want something to either look after or refresh my colour etc. It just depends on where my hair/scalp is at that moment, plus a little of the ‘nice to have’ side of things such as a product that smells good or just feels lovely to use. For example the 3 minute miracle conditioner from Aussie will always have a space in my shower because I just can’t get enough of the smell.

Anyway, I somewhat digress. What I’m saying is that when it comes to shampoo and conditioner I tend to always have a selection on the go and I’m not especially loyal (although when it comes to things like scalp care I do have some tried and tested favourites. Lately I’ve had two new duos on the go for testing and decided to blog about them together as they’re both products designed to help with repairing damage to the hair from colouring, styling and beyond. The big difference being that one is a salon/pro product and the other is a pro-inspired high street one. So two very different price points – a pretty big deal when it comes to deciding on a product you use as regularly as shampoo and conditioner. Assuming you wash your hair on a regular basis that is…

L’Oreal Professionnel Lipidium Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

When I was in my final year at University is when I first started to really get hooked on beauty treatments (which does NOT really combine well with a cash strapped student loan person.. But hey, YOLO). I used to get my hair coloured at a salon in the middle of Leicester and it was the first time I treated myself to a more expensive shampoo and conditioner duo from L’Oreal Professionnel. From there begins the slippery slope into an expensive beauty habit…

So my history withL’Oreal Professionnel goes back a long way and my latest trial of these two reminds me why I’ve always liked them. Firstly, they have nice packaging. Not *super* Instagram type, but feels luxury and nice to use. The conditioner I have is the smaller size to the shampoo which allows for a double shampoo or perhaps to alternate the conditioner with more intensive masks.

These smell lovely to use and leave my hair feeling silky and smooth – not an easy feat when it comes to blonde hair that leans towards the dry side. Most importantly it doesn’t leave my hair weighed down or irritate my scalp. As I mentioned above, I do tend to alternate shampoos so always keep a scalp care one in the mix too and use at least once a week to keep my fussy scalp happy.

Tresemme Pro Biotin Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

Tresemme has a new ‘pro’ branch of it’s hair care range, at a slightly more premium than their regular range. The idea of this new launch is that it contains ‘Biotin & pro bond complex’ to help repair your hair from all the various types of abuse you might be subjecting it to day to day. From heat styling, backcombing and more. None of which I’m really finding time for at the moment. My current ‘extensive’ hair care routine is having time to both wash AND condition my hair in the shower before Ella starts to cry or fuss!  On a really good day I might be able to blast my hair dry with the hair dryer but other than that, my usual routine is to wash and let it air dry with a couple of go-to favourite products that work a treat with dry styling. But that’s a side point.

Even if I’m not really subjecting my hair to the day to day styling damage, I still want to keep it in good condition between colouring appointments (which I’m desperately in need of), probably tying my hair in a messy bun a bit too roughly day to day. Plus maybe leaving it too long between trims or not deep conditioning enough too. So whilst I’m not creating elaborate styles and creations to cause damage, I’m doing a lot of day to day ‘lazy girl’ damage… if that makes sense.

For affordable hair care I’ve always liked Tresemme as a highstreet option. With the Deep Cleansing Shampoo being one of my all time favourites – it’s one of those ones that feels amazingly deep cleansing and refreshing to use. Only downside being you end up wanting that feeling every time you wash your hair.

I should add here you can definitely feel the difference between the core range and this new more premium ‘Pro’ range. Both in terms of the updated packaging and the products themselves. There’s just something a touch more luxurious about them – they smell lovely and feel really creamy to use. The only negative I have to add is that unfortunately for me, in the week where I tried these for the first time I found my scalp was irritated by them. Sure, my hair loved them but my sensitive scalp didn’t unfortunately. So I know these aren’t a good fit for me longer term use wise. But I also know my sensitive scalp is an issue unique to me so should you be looking for a damage repair/caring shampoo that’s affordable but also lovely to use and you don’t tend to suffer from scalp sensitivity then give these a whirl.


Whatever your budget there’s an option to go for to give your hair some repairing care and keep it in good condition whatever abuse you put it through. As I type this I’m actually sitting a salon getting my hair colour refreshed… such a reminder that whilst heat/styling isn’t necessarily my issue I do still abuse my hair!


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