Introducing Eleanor

Hello! It’s been a bit quiet around this corner of the internet for the past month or so? Well, for good reason. I gave myself a little bit of a break to hang out with the newest member of the Thorne household – Eleanor.

All photos by Farlie Photography

If you follow me on social media (casual plug… you can find me on Twitter and Instagram as @beautyjunkieldn) then you might have spotted the news. But in case you didn’t then let me update you. Eleanor Riley Thorne arrived at 4.22am on 17th March, St Patricks Day and her due date. She certainly doesn’t take after me in her punctuality, but I am delighted she didn’t keep me waiting! Her first name was chosen simply because we think it’s a lovely name, pretty classic with enough variation options that she can adapt it as she likes. We are already calling her Ella most of the time, whilst Eleanor will probably come out if she’s ever in trouble…

She is already six weeks old. It’s been probably the fastest six weeks of my life, I can’t believe that she’s been here that long. But at the same time, it feels a bit like she’s been here forever too.

All photos by Farlie Photography

I had planned to get a few blog posts scheduled for whilst I took a proper break, but that didn’t happen (I think I was expecting her to be late rather than arrive bang on time!) and I haven’t been beating myself up about it as clearly spending time both with her and getting used to life as a mum was more important. But on the other side of things I’ve missed tapping out a few thoughts on the blog so I’m hoping to pick it back up here and there this month onwards before being officially back from my maternity break from June.

But back to Eleanor. As I type this, she’s happily sitting in a little bouncing chair with some tinkly nursery rhyme music playing. This sound is pretty much my soundtrack to life at the moment, but she likes it so that’s fine. We’ve both been out to the GP this morning for the six week post-birth check up (we’re both fine) and stopped off for a smoothie on the way home, since the sun is shining for a change. Not a bad way to spend the day and the sunshine really is welcome – how depressing has the weather been?!

All photos by Farlie Photography

It’s a little bit early days to tell you all about her really?! But so far, sleep wise she tends to snooze from around 9/10pm to around 3/4am at the moment so I feel like I’m getting a decent stretch although I do still feel pretty tired most days after weeks of broken sleep. But it is true what they say about you getting used to it. She loves cuddles, to be walked around (she tends to settle more if walking on hard surfaces rather than carpet…). Is a total Daddy’s girl already and tends to give Ollie the biggest smiles. Which is obviously GREAT for me… not like I take care of her all day and she saves her smiles for him or anything…

She has a play mat that she’s spending time on most days and loves. Especially the mirror (she is my daughter, after all…). Generally prefers to sit and look around or snooze in her bouncer now over the rocker basinet basket we have. Although for the first few weeks she was perfectly happy to snooze in there too. She loves baths and has no issue with water so far. Generally I’m delighted as she’s a very chilled baby and it’s just fascinating watching her grow and change so much in the few short weeks since she’s been here.

All photos by Farlie Photography

As for me, I’m good too. Yes, a lot of adjusting having to happen but I feel like overall I’m handling it all pretty well. I have my moments of course where it’s just bloody hard and I’m tired or frustrated or it just dawns on me how huge a change having a baby is. I am daunted by the prospect of juggling her and freelance life but I really hope I can make it work. I just have to realise that it will be different to before and that’s fine.

On the whole ‘giving birth’ thing. I am still a little undecided about how much I want to write about my birth story. Partly because I don’t know if anyone is interested to read that sort of thing or not?! I did always plan that I would, it’s just one of those things that now having experienced it – it can be hard to put it into words properly and feel like I’m covering it all off properly.

As for the blog, going forward I will be pretty much be ‘as usual’ in terms of content. Until June the content might be a little bit ‘ad-hoc’ as depends on how much I can get done during the ‘keep in touch’ days where I’ll be working. But outside of blog posts there’s always the social media side where I try and update regularly! Post wise, you can expect a mixture of beauty, baby/family type stuff, home and travel. I have a massive backlog of blog posts waiting in the wings that are about 90% ready to go so if I can pull my finger out I’ll get those up as soon as I can.

Of course, if there’s anything you’r particularly keen to know about Eleanor or blog posts you would like to read from me then just let me know in the comments or drop me a message on any one of twitter/instagram/email etc etc carrier pigeon… telegram…

I’m kidding. Please don’t send a pigeon.

All photos by the amazing Charlie of Farlie Photography – Charlie was the lady behind the lens for my Maternity Photoshoot and it was just wonderful to have her capture some lovely shots of Eleanor when she was under two weeks old and still a curled up sleepy newborn. If you’re looking for a photographer for a wedding/family or newborn shoot then I can’t recommend Charlie enough. She’s like the baby whisperer too and we’re just over the moon with the photos (along with some she shot of the three of us as a little family too).




  1. Anonymous
    May 1, 2018 / 2:42 pm

    Stunningly beautiful. Love the photography! Booked her for my arrival too 🙂

  2. Kelly Glen
    May 2, 2018 / 7:19 am

    What a little cutie she is, it’s great to hear that you are both doing well, I shall look forward to you posting again on here.
    Take care and all the best.

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