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A little bit of news from me. I’ve made a decision to make a few changes to how I do things online  – specifically over on Instagram. Everyone knows Instagram is a bit of a tricky one right now, but I want to put that to the side and do something that feels right for me, although it does feel like a pretty big risk at the same time.

With my new baby-blog juggle situation I’ve been realising I never quite have the time I would like – but I want to make the most of the fact Instagram is actually a good space to do things a bit faster than perhaps a full blog post. Whilst I have no plans whatsoever to stop the blog – it will always be my focus and the heart of what I do. What I want to do is take things back to where I started – beauty – on my @beautyjunkieldn Instagram account.

The blog will continue to be a bit of a mix of beauty and other aspects of my life. It will continue to have focussed product reviews, edits and new collections alongside travel, baby or interiors posts. With three posts per week being my target – on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday (slightly subject to change due to baby commitments!)

But from today forwards, my @beautyjunkieldn Instagram account will be focussed on being 100% beauty again. That’s not to say it will be a feed of never ending flat lay or product shots! I plan for this to be a space with a real mix of things. I want it to become a micro blog space for me – with speedy reviews. Incoming products. Hair and makeup looks and perhaps even video content.

Alongside this ‘back to beauty’ Instagram change, I don’t plan to just drop all the ‘me’ from Instagram. Much to the contrary I have a personal account that I am planning to use going forward as my own space for anything non-beauty related. So baby updates, travel posts, personal news, style, house, and of course dogs…

But all things beauty will be on my @beautyjunkieldn account

I understand some will be less fussed about beauty as they may have followed for the non-beauty things I’ve been sharing over the past few years. For those of you who this applies to, I’d LOVE it if you can join me over on my new space @jen_thorne and totally understand if following @beautyjunkieldn isn’t for you. If you followed me for the beauty updates then I hope you stick with me and enjoy this new approach! I’m looking forward to getting stuck into sharing a whole lot of beauty again and not feeling like I am spamming you!

The fear of making a split of two accounts is very real. But I’m hoping that what I have in mind and the reasons behind making the split make sense. The blog will continue to be the heart of it all but the accounts offer a bit more of a tailored approach for the more ‘daily’ touches of everything and anything I want to share both beauty and life wise!

If you want to follow my dedicated beauty account: @beautyjunkieldn

If you want to follow my personal/life account: @jen_thorne


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