The perfect grey sofa

Is it possible to be in love with an item of furniture?! Well, if it is then my heart has very much been stolen by our new sofa. It’s the final piece in the long term puzzle that has been our living room redecoration project and really is the perfect grey sofa. On the redecoration, I say long term, because we originally started the living room transformation last September time and now as we’re about to hit October 2018, I think I can finally say it’s done! Well, so far as a room can ever feel like it’s truly finished….

sofa workshop dillon

Sofa: Sofa Workshop Dillon Coffee table & rug: West Elm

So the story of this sofa goes back a little bit, when we first moved into our house back in 2015 we suddenly had a whole selection of new rooms to play with and as such we ordered ourselves some new sofas. I had a (mainly grey) vision for the sofa situation. I didn’t want all matching, we wanted an L-shape sofa and I wanted the same colour but different shades. We ended up with two sofas we bought via DFS and one arm chair that was a bit of an impulse sale purchase from NEXT. It was love, the combination worked and we were delighted.

But why, three years later (relatively short time in sofa lifespan…) did we feel the need for a new sofa? Well, as much as visually the sofa combination worked – the large L-shaped sofa was VERY comfortable and whilst the shape of it was quite structured, the dimensions meant it was one for slouchy sitting only. But there were two things that didn’t work. One, the colour – it was a pale grey which the combination of two dogs and one baby… just isn’t ideal. Sure, the room looked airy and light. But the colour I chose just showed every bit of muck and drove me a bit nuts with it looking grubby. The other issue was that whilst an L-shape sounds spacious and comfortable, it was so deep you could basically only lounge. Fine when just us, but when we had company it didn’t work. So, that’s the fascinating story of the old sofa… are you still with me? Because this cliff hanger does have a happy ending.

perfect grey sofa

Sofa: Sofa Workshop. Coffee Table: West Elm. Dog: Dogs Trust

So fast forward, from 2015 to 2017 – we had redecoration plans. Were they design revolutions? No. But I wanted a calm and comfortable space with neutral colours and a few furniture pieces we loved but were practical at the same time. Plus details like wall mounting the TV, hiding wires, new curtains & poles, lighting etc. Layout wise it was staying the same but the difference these detail changes made really refreshed the space. But there were a couple of snags. One, our issues with the sofa – realistically we weren’t sure it was right to replace a sofa that in some ways we loved and still felt new. But at the time I was pregnant and already aware how it wasn’t going to be great with a baby in the mix. The other snag being that we had ordered a few items – furniture and lamps from one of my favourite interiors stores – West Elm – a couple of which had some delays. Which is just one of those things, but despite the overall changes, it felt like it wasn’t quite right.

perfect grey sofa

So as time passed, we lived with the sofa and waited for the final pieces of our order to arrive. Then one day, in January we headed to Westfield Stratford shopping for baby things and just happened to walk past the Sofa Workshop store. In the front of the store we both spotted a sofa and to say it was love at first sight wouldn’t be an exaggeration. It was on sale, we both loved it immediately. But the whole impending ‘having a baby’ thing made us hesitate. We were keen, but did we want to commit the cost etc when we do have completely nice and functional sofa already… but as with any old love at first sight situation. Neither of us could quite forget this sofa… you know, a sofa obsession. Totally normal. Can I perhaps blame the nesting of being in the late stages of pregnancy when this happened?!

perfect grey sofa

Bookcase: Industrial Closed Storage 84cm from West Elm

So it’s safe to say I was over the moon when Sofa Workshop got in touch to see if we could perhaps do something. Honestly, I was floored and SO excited. The sofa that we fell in love with is the Sofa Workshop Dillon – the bestselling sofa at Sofa Workshop. I can see why. It’s the dream combination of slouchy comfort and structure. The L-shape means you can lounge or squeeze a few people around it. The colour we opted for is the casual graphite. A chunky weave texture grey that fits our colour scheme and will work a treat in hiding any baby related spills that might happen (fingers crossed it might be a few weeks we can get away with it).

perfect grey sofa

It’s perfect and I know it probably seems ridiculous to exclaim how much I love a sofa but it really is the final piece in making our living room feel done. It manages to be a comfortable space for at home days with Ella where I’m constantly moving from sofa, to chair to floor. Or cosy evenings after she’s gone to bed, when we tuck the bright plastic baby things away and pretend we’re just adults rather than parents for an hour or two…

perfect grey sofa

perfect grey sofa

Our final item from our West Elm order – a glass topped coffee table – fits perfectly in the nook of the sofa and it’s all just come together perfectly. I can’t explain how content and happy I am with the room. I’m lounging on the new sofa as I type this, Willow snoozing next to me and a candle burning and it just feels lovely.  They do say home is where the heart is and this space for me – surrounded by my little family is just perfect. Who knew a sofa and coffee table could really make me feel so soppy!

For more information on the Sofa Workshop Dillon Sofa (AKA the perfect grey sofa): 

(Sofa is currently – at time of post going live – on sale at £1,385 – reduced from £1,732)

Sofa Workshop Dillon Sofa – gifted 



    • Jen
      October 1, 2018 / 8:15 am

      Honestly, just feel SO happy every time I sit on it (or even just look at it) would 100% recommend! The dog is amazing but afraid she’s definitely a keeper (at least when she’s behaving…)!

  1. Rach S
    October 1, 2018 / 12:36 pm

    I have this sofa too – loved it at first but now after 2 years is horrendously sagging and SO uncomfortable. Sofa Workshop won’t do anything about it and want us to pay over £300 for new cushion stuffing.
    We flipped the seats probably once every month but they told us we should have been doing this daily! Who’s got time for that!
    Enjoy the comfort while it lasts…!

    • Jen
      October 6, 2018 / 8:42 pm

      That’s such a shame to hear. Going to make sure I pass the feedback on to the PR team on this.

  2. Chloe
    July 15, 2019 / 11:09 am

    Hi, I am looking at purchasing the Dillon and found your blog so helpful, thank you! Can I ask how it is holding up almost a year later?

    • Jen
      July 15, 2019 / 5:29 pm

      Great question! It’s holding up well. It does have a slouchy style so do find it looks best after the cushions are plumped but that’s no trouble at all. I probably do it once a week? Fabric is holding up really well – even with a baby and two dogs! I’ll take some updated photos and add them to the post!

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