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The candle obsession is still going strong. If I’m in a shop with candles you can pretty much guarantee I will leave with one having been purchased (I proved this theory correct on my last two trips to Sainsbury’s leaving once with a three wick Sainsbury’s brand winter candle and then most recently with a cotton fresh offering from Febreeze… at least I’m no snob when it comes to my candle addiction!). Lately though, this candle obsession has lead me in the direction of The White Company. I would basically love for my life to look like The White Company cataglogue. But with a dog and a boy in the house, this is unlikely. So I have to make do with some little bits here and there… of course including candles. So I popped into the little store in St Pancras as it’s just down the road from me to have a little browse/shop. This is what I picked up:

IMG_6405 IMG_6408

I went for a set of the Pomegranate tea lights. Which at the time seemed reasonable but in hindsight paying £15 for 12 tea lights is probably a bit spendy. But no regrets as they really do smell lovely. A little like Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir, but slightly softer. I went in looking for some nice tea lights as I was given some gorgeous silver tea light holders as an early Christmas gift which are going in my office are and I wanted something equally nice to go in there. The scent of these is technically Pomegranate, Mandarin and Amber. So a sort of fresh/spicy version of the Pomegranate scent.

Then next up I picked up the famous ‘Winter’ candle. At £20 a pop it’s not bad – cheaper than equivalent sizes from Diptyque etc. It smells seriously dreamy. Literally, like Christmas in a candle. Spicy and cosy and all round lovely. I was a bit stumped and nearly talked myself into buying many more candles as along with the Winter one they also have a few others that are just perfect for Christmas – they also have the Pine Cone candle. Which is ideal if you like that pine/fresh winter scent instead of the warmer/cosy one of the spices of winter. Then they have White Christmas, which was oh so close to totally winning me over. This one is sweet almond blossom plus frankincense and neroli. So sweet/spicy. All the Christmas scents are showing as sold out online but the little St Pancras store I got these from was fully stocked so assume if you head to store you’re all good for last moment Christmas prezzies. I’m thinking of popping back to pick up a lovely little set for my Mum actually.

So yes, there we go – a little blog post about my recent foray into The White Company. It’s a habit just waiting to happen.

The Pomegranate Tealights: £15 for 12 and Winter Candle £20 (both bought by me)



    • Jen
      December 23, 2014 / 12:11 pm

      Exactly what happened to me, kept hearing about it and couldn’t resist any longer. It’s lovely!

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