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In London, it’s pretty rare to have a kitchen that’s all that exciting. At worst it will be a hob and fridge tucked in the corner or at best you might be lucky to have a separate one where you can’t *quite* touch both walls when you stand in the middle (of course there are exceptions to this…but they’re few and far between for the vast majority of twenty or thirty-somethings in the city, unless you perhaps are a secret millionaire). Whilst cooking isn’t really my thing, I have always loved the idea of the kitchen being the heart of a home and not just a place make cereal. So with a move on the cards to a house (all being well) that has a gorgeous kitchen with room for an actual dining table. Plus it even has an island are in the middle – like the one you can see here. So I’ve been pulling together some kitchen ideas and design inspiration in the run up to the move.



So whilst the kitchen will hopefully be the heart of the home, it is basically a very functional room and maybe not one that’s all that easy to inject personality into without spending mega bucks on a total make-over. So I’ve been looking at ways in which we can give it a little personality, whilst keeping the basics of it as they are. The kitchen itself has white cupboards, grey tiled floor and dark work surfaces. So a pretty blank canvas to start with… the few key ideas I have so far are.


A SMEG Fridge

Yes, I am currently obsessing over SMEG fridges. I’ve always loved them but now the love is getting bigger and bigger and the idea of adding a pop of personality and colour to the room with a (mint green) SMEG fridge is top of my list for kitchen. I love the idea of then using the same shade in other touches across the kitchen to add some colour to a room that’s fairly monochrome to start with.

I spotted this classic grey one that adds personality without stealing the limelight when I was on the house tours with ao.com a few weeks ago. I actually like how this is a classic colour rather than a bright one, which is more what I’m used to seeing. I then spotted my ultimate dream fridge which is a feature in the rooms of the Lone Star Court Hotel in Austin on my recent trip. Not going to lie, it may have been the deciding factor in wanting to stay there…

The kitchen we’re (all being well on paperwork etc front) moving to already has a small-ish built in fridge but we’re thinking we might switch it out for a wine fridge and have a SMEG at the feature of the room! Maybe taking my SMEG obsession too far?! Maybe… IMG_9558

Metallic Touches

The metallic details in the kitchen at the moment are silver. I love the idea of updating things to a brass or gold metal – I think it immediately gives a touch of luxury and really stands out on a simple colour background. I love this statement tap (did I really just use the expression statement tap!?) which I spotted on the ao.com Living Etc house tours recently.



Subway tiles

I’m yet to convince Ollie that this style of tiling isn’t just a trend that will date really quickly, but the idea of adding a tiling backdrop to a kitchen really creates a feature of something that’s quite practical. I really like the subway tile idea with the dark grout to make the design stand out more. Or in reverse when it’s grey tiles with white grout I like this too. But with the kitchen being quite dark with surfaces and floor I’d want to keep things brighter with the tiles so it still feels airy.

IMG_9040 IMG_9037

Quirky Clutter

This is one idea I’m not sure I’ll be very good at. But I loved in the kitchens below how they’re not perfectly pristine but instead have personality in every nook and cranny. From mis matched mugs (probably each with a story behind them of some sort) or glasses stored on exposed shelves to add colour. To the light up star shaped light and hanging lanterns. The idea of having bits and bobs out and on display can really work in a kitchen.

I like the idea of taking inspiration from this idea and having it in the glass fronted cabinets in the new kitchen. Storing multi-coloured items there so flashes of colour and detail show through. Then filling the windowsills with either cactai, succulents or easy not-t0-kill plants to keep it from looking to perfectly tidy and neat. IMG_9119 IMG_9029 IMG_9131


I am far too excited about the prospect of having an actual real-life grown up kitchen. Who knows, maybe I will get more into cooking if I have the space to do so!? Also, just think of the gadgets I can get my hands on… I’m thinking an ice cream maker might be one on the list so I can make home made Fro-Yo! What would you add to the list of kitchen ideas?!

For more of my inspiration you can take a peek at my Kitchen Pinterest board too.

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  1. nueyork
    July 16, 2015 / 2:44 pm

    I love SMEG fridges too! They just look so much cuter than a regular one. x


  2. Laura
    July 17, 2015 / 10:20 pm

    I did the same with accent colours in my kitchen but after 5 years i’m now bored of them and want a change which is not easy when its expensive items e.g. kitchen aid mixers and Dualit toaster/kettle. Something to bear in mind with the Smeg!

  3. July 18, 2015 / 12:56 am

    So pretty! I love the light up star above the fridge, i think little details like that can really give a kitchen personality. We are renovating our kitchen this year but will probably keep it pretty simple since we won’t be living in the house for ever. Houzz.com is a great website to check out for real life decor ideas.

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