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So, on Friday I did something a little different to my usual day. I went off exploring and getting inspired by all sorts of amazing houses around NW London on the LivingEtc House Tours as a guest of It was honestly one of the most interesting and inspiring events I’ve been to this year. Largely in part down to the fact I have interiors/house stuff on the brain (see here for why) but also just because it was lovely to play through the keyhole (or more through the open door…) and also get to meet lots of lovely new people too.


What is the LivingEtc House Tours, well, it’s basically a chance to have a look around some of the insanely gorgeous, colourful, grand and quirky houses that have featured in the magazine. You know the sort of houses you see and think surely it’s just a set for a photo shoot, can’t be real… well, they are and they’re amazing. Every single one of the houses – regardless of being to my personal taste or not left me with an idea or a spark of inspiration in one way or another.


On the afternoon I did take a tonne of photos so am going to use them over a few blog posts – either looking at each house separately or grouping together the photos by room as a bit of an inspiration board. But as I’m undecided on exactly how I’m going to do it I wanted to kick things off with a little peek at some of the highlights from the afternoon to give a taste of what beautiful stuff is still to come.IMG_9006

On the day I saw everything from sleek and spacious grey kitchens, to dark and moody living rooms, pops of neon and subway tile bathrooms, the girliest of bathrooms and the sorts of dressing rooms that Carrie Bradshaw could only dream of. It was a feast for the eyes and inspiring well beyond just interiors! I clearly need to spend more in my life poking around other people’s homes…

Now excuse me whilst I’m off to browse the mountain of home magazines I picked up after the afternoon!

Thank you for having me !


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