My goals for the rest of 2018

I know I’m not alone when I say HOLY CRAP WHERE DID 2018 GO?! It’s been a pretty big year for me personally and definitely filled with a lot of change. So at the start of the year I didn’t really set any resolutions or goals (none I can remember at least) but now with just weeks until the end of 2018 is here I wanted to take a moment to think what I might want to try and put into action or tick off before the year ends and we kick of a fresh new one. 

Now, I know endless bucketlist goals and extreme plans might not be for all. But my list is a fairly simple and (hopefully) realistic one. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over this year is setting unrealistic expectations and goals is the surest way to feel like you’re failing when all you’re doing is your best. With that in mind, the goals I have for the remainder of 2018.

Increase exercise

I’ve gone pretty easy on myself exercise and fitness wise this year. Having had a baby and all that. But as relaxing as that has been, as Ella gets bigger and more mobile – I know I need to be fit enough to keep up with her. I want to make exercise more of a staple of my routine each week and why wait until the New Year to try and make that happen. Initial goal is a small one of 2x sessions of exercising each week. This is on top of any dog walking type activity, so I can’t use that as my get-out excuse. 

Read more

I’m sure I’m not alone in being someone who struggles to ‘find time’ to read. I say this with a pinch of salt as whilst time is short for me – I also completely know that as soon as I do have any time the first thing I default to is mindlessly scrolling social media, checking emails or browsing ASOS new-in section. All habits I want to tone down. Honestly, even though social media and blogging is my job, it still horrifies me when I get the screen time updates and it tells me how many hours each day I’ve spent on my phone… Throw in the fact that I see Ella trying to reach for my phone like it’s the best toy and the life guilt is very real. 

Focus & be orgnaised

Ha. Even writing this I can’t help but scoff at myself a little. I swear the vast majority of my time that’s not spend looking after Ella is spent attempting to organise my life. Juggling my calendar is like some sort of plate spinning exercise and I haven’t quite managed to spin all of them without the odd smash and fail. But hey, practice makes perfect?! Learning to really focus and make the most of the time I have is a bit of a work in progress. Going from having all time being my own to having limited time and needing to really make the most of it is quite the adjustment and I’ve already established that being focussed and organised makes ALL the difference. 

So my goal? Be organised. Be that having my outfits/bags packed and ready the night before or a practical to-do list where I have realistic goals for the couple of hours I get each day to achieve things. 

What do you have left that you want to achieve in 2018? Any new goals you want to focus on for these last few weeks?


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