Pregnancy Diary: 19 Weeks

I really want to share more regular pregnancy diaries but I’ve been at a bit of a loss as to what to share. For the past few weeks I’ve been so fortunate in that I’ve just felt pretty much normal – the sickness and tiredness has given way to just feeling like a slightly chubby version of myself. But there have been some exciting moments that I wanted to write about and update you on where I’m at right now – which is currently 19 weeks pregnant.

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The first midwife appointment

We had our first midwife appointment with the regular (local) midwife was lovely. It was also at this appointment (16 weeks) that I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Ollie couldn’t make this one because of work commitments but it was really lovely as my Mum got to come with me which was quite special. I of course tried to hold myself together even though my pregnancy hormones were definitely giving me a bit of a teary-eyed moment…

The gender scan

We haven’t signed up to a package of private scans and overall we’re sticking with the appointment schedule on the NHS but we did book one private scan. We went with Babybond (Ultrasound Direct) as there’s one pretty local to us and it wasn’t too pricey (£59) and it meant that we could find out the gender from 16 weeks. It was a really great scan, baby was wiggling around and swallowing and doing all sorts and it was nice to feel like we had that bit more time than you perhaps do in the NHS ones. We did find out the gender of the baby and will be sharing that soon… but the thing I’ve learnt is just seeing the baby wriggle around is the most special thing. I never realised how emotional and exciting those scans can be but if I could have one every day until the baby is here then I would! If you’re looking for a private scan or gender discovery option then I can happily recommend Babybond (website here if you’re interested: – easy to book online, not too expensive (some of the private scan I have seen are VERY expensive) and a lovely experience. The sonographer was friendly and welcoming and really happy to talk through the images and details. We didn’t feel at all rushed and overall would recommend if you’re keen to find out gender (or one of the many other options for scan appointments).

Pregnancy shopping

This isn’t actually a thing, but more the fact it’s not something we have done yet. I’ve been holding off until after the 20 week anomaly scan. But I know that I have such a huge urge to want to start shopping! The only snag being that I don’t even know where to start. Of course step one has been look for all the cute things that are 90% impractical. I’ve vaguely started looking at things like prams/cots and other actual essential items. But in all honesty – it’s overwhelming and I don’t know where to begin. Sure, some brand names and products come up time and time again so I’m starting to cotton on to the fact these might be going on the list as essentials…but any recommendations or tips VERY welcome.

The one side of shopping I have dabbled in a little is maternity clothes. I was thinking I might share a post on what I’ve picked up so far and why as there’s been a few hits and misses in my opinion and a few items I wish I had picked them up WAY earlier (hello maternity bra – changer of pregnant life…).

The next ‘milestone’ ahead is the 20 week scan and technically the ‘halfway’ point (assuming on time of course… I want to post updates and ‘pregnancy diary’ posts more regularly going forward. I just need to work out what to share as pregnancy seems to be a funny world of trying to balance the personal/TMI and the sharable information….and also, I don’t know what people want to read about! But expect more regular updates to come soon. I never know if I should stick to a structure for these types of updates or just go with my favoured ‘ramble’ style. Let me know if there’s anything you want me to talk about specifically or suggestions – any always welcome. 

Thanks for reading and following along so far!


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