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It’s a bit of a ‘professional hazard’ as a blogger (or you know, pretty much anyone with a desk-based job these days) that you spend WAY too many hours in front of screens. Be it a laptop, desktop, scrolling Instagram on your phone or flicking between a tablet and the TV in the evening. Screens are pretty much ever-present in our lives but you can’t deny they take their toll on our poor eyes. This toll has its own name now, ‘digital eye fatigue’, which is essentially the word to describe that dry, tired and sore feeling that you get after a long day of screen exposure. It was long days in front of a screen that prompted me to get my eyes checked in the first place, knowing that my eyes felt the strain after spending too long staring at screens.

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When I say too long, I’m talking an 8+ hour work day, plus the iPhone time to and from the office plus the evenings in front of my laptop in the evenings – this was my life when I was juggling my full time role and the blog. Now it’s pretty similar, a ‘normal’ day for me is probably at my desk or laptop around 8am, working until maybe 1/2pm when I’ll maybe take a bit of a break for lunch (sometimes taking what I’m eating back to where I am working) plus of course intermittent checking of Instagram on my phone. Usually ‘stopping work’ around 7/8pm, where if I’m at home we normally watch some TV, where my phone is never too far away (gotta keep up with that feed…). So frankly, it’s no wonder my eyes are tired by the end of the day.

The latest stats by the folks at CooperVision say that over 50% of 18-29 year olds spend nine hours or more a day on digital devices. When I heard that stat I was honestly not remotely surprised, my only shock would be that it’s not a higher number! Over 90% of adults of all ages use digital devices for more than two hours a day – which is all the time you need to experience the symptoms of digital eye fatigue.

There are a few little tips and tricks that can help counter that dry, tired feeling of too much screen exposure. One of which is of course getting your eyes tested and making sure you use the correct prescription of eye protection. I have used both glasses and contact lenses over the past few years and tend to switch between each one, depending on what I’m doing that day – I don’t like to wear my glasses out of the house and feel much more ‘me’ in contact lenses. I’ve recently been trying the latest contact lens innovation from CooperVision called ‘Biofinity Energys’. These are a lens especially designed to help counter that constant exposure to digital screens to help give your eyes that help they need whilst also adding protection from the draining effects of screen-time.

Now I’m no optician (which FYI is who you would ask for the Biofinity Energys lenses from if you’re interested in trying them) but they have two key features. ‘Digital Zone Optics’ lens design that helps you shift focus between on screen and off screen without straining your eyes as much as they would on their own. They also have ‘Aquaform Technology’ to help lock moisture in the lens and keep them soft and comfortable all day long. Did you know you tend to blink less when using a digital screen? This is one of the reasons you have that dry eye feeling as your eyes miss out on the re-wetting action of blinking. I know, you learn new things every day!

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I’ve been trying these lenses for a couple of weeks now and on the days I wear them (I don’t have a severe prescription so don’t wear them every day, opting generally for days when I know I’ll be spending the day in front of a screen – so more often than not a week day rather than a weekend). They make an immediate difference to how my eyes feel – instantly like they’re more hydrated? It feels a bit like that immediate after effect of applying eye cream to my under eye area. Instantly refreshed. But they also feel more hydrated as the day goes on. They are monthly lenses, not daily which was the only main difference for me as I’ve been used to daily ones previously. But the daily care and cleaning is really straight forward – just make sure you use the right solution to make sure the delicate lens material is effectively cleaned and protected when you’re not wearing them.

One of the things my mum has always said to me is ‘don’t mess with your eyes’ – meaning things like, if you need glasses or contacts – wear them. Don’t do things like try to tint your own lashes. Don’t go *too* heavy on the make-up. Generally, your eyes are precious and it’s not worth the risk of not looking after them! It’s pretty solid advice and these clever lenses are another easy day to day way of looking after your eyes easily.

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