Clarins SOS Face Masks Review

When I think of Clarins, especially skincare I inevitably think of my Mum. It’s her favourite beauty brands and always the one that she gets most excited about. I still remember when I was invited to my first beauty event at Clarins, phoning her excitedly to say that CLARINS had invited me to their London HQ. A very exciting moment in my blogging career and a brand I’ve always had a soft spot for. But why the ramble here? Well, for one I always love a little ramble… but it’s more about Clarins as a brand and how I would naturally always think of an older audience when I think of their skincare products. But these new(ish) face masks from Clarins definitely feel like they appeal to a younger audience. From the bright coloured and simple packaging to three types of skincare they appeal to they’re definitely aiming younger.

Clarins SOS Face Masks Review:

Clarins SOS Face Masks Review

Why all brands are desperately trying to appeal younger doesn’t always make sense to me – what’s wrong with targeting and catering to an older demographic. But that’s a side conversation that I won’t digress on – I want to talk about the masks.

There are three masks in the Clarins SOS Face Mask range. There’s SOS Pure, SOS Comfort and SOS Hydrate. So slightly different from the usual sort of ‘hydrate/deep cleanse and glow/radiance the trio that tends to be the ‘norm’). Of course Pure and Hydrate tick those boxes but then there’s the Comfort option to. Perhaps for me this was slightly confusing (I can be easily confused) as I often associate comfort and hydration so would I opt for comfort over hydration? When I read the description of comfort it seems like it’s a more intense hydrating and nourishing mask to the lighter hydrate option. So where comfort is rich and nourishing for very dry skin types, Hydrate offers more of a fresh burst of hydration that can work for dehydrated oily skin types (yes, that’s a thing) as well as it can for normal or dry.

So in case you were wondering which to go for between hydrating or comforting I recommend either choosing based on the texture you prefer. The Hydrating SOS Mask is a light gel-cream sort of texture, where the Comfort SOS Mask is a richer, thicker cream. OR choose based on how dry/dehydrated your skin is – dryer, go Comfort, combination/oily – go Hydrating.

Clarins SOS Face Masks Review

Personally I love the texture of Hydrating as I have always leant towards a preference for lighter textures over the thicker ones. But I do opt for Comforting in more of a ‘pampering’ situation – where Hydrating works well a a quick-fix at the start of the day for a speedy BAM of moisture that leaves skin plump but without a film on the skin at all. The Comfort One is good as pre-bed bath treat as the after-effect works much like a night time rich cream.

As for the Pure Mask – this is the only one of the three I haven’t yet tried. Simply down to my skin not really needing that type of mask at the moment. But it’s designed to be a cleansing/pore tightening type of mask to help oilier skin types to balance out with the help of the clay-based mask type.

My favourite thing about this trio of Clarins SOS Masks is how they have catered to both dry and dehydrated skin – not just lumping them in together as one skintype. In very simple terms, dehydrated skin is skin lacking in water and dry skin is skin lacking in oil. You can have both of course or you can have dehydrated skin that’s oily – this is the sort of issue I have with combination skin. I have areas of dehydrated dryness (eyes, cheeks and sometimes nose) but I also tend to get an oily t-zone). So these masks are perfect if you’re looking for something for dehydrated or dry skin types – or of course, both!

Clarins SOS Face Masks are available from John Lewis £30

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