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I was recently lucky enough to meet and have afternoon tea with the nail legend that is Deborah Lippmann. The Arizona-born, New York based manicurist to the stars oh and did I mention she’s also a jazz singer? Talk about multi-talented. In fact, it was via her love of music and jazz that led her to the nail career. Finding a job/career to help support her performing at weddings and bar mitzvahs she looked to beauty and on the (very wise) advice of her teacher opted to specialise in nails because it would mean she could sit down all day – leaving her feet fresh to stand/perform all night… a small detail but definitely a pretty all important one! Of course along with her amazing stories of her career journey and life I also just had to pick up a few ultimate nail care tips to share with you too!


Spending time with Deborah and listening to her stories (I could listen to those ALL DAY) was fascinating. But in amongst the story of her career and snippets of AMAZING celeb friends and clients (FYI CHER designed the iconic square bottle) there were also some pretty essential nail tips I wanted to share with you too. After all it was nail care that has always been at the heart of the Deborah Lippmann line so it makes sense she’s pretty good on the old nail TLC…

Regular application of moisturiser is your friend!

Would you wash your face and just leave it without applying moisturiser? Well, why do you do this with your hands. Apply moisturiser EVERY time you wash your hands to keep hand and cuticles hydrated and soft.

Oh and cuticle cream or oil regularly is one of those small things that can make the world of difference to your hands and nails. The Deborah Lippmann The Cure cuticle cream is a wonder product and one of my favourite from the brand – works wonders without leaving greasy residue. Win-win.



The cuticle is essentially the only part where your skin actually ‘ends’ so why would you cut it? Don’t use cuticle cutters but if you really really have to (or if a nail tech uses them on you) they should simply SNIP and RELEASE. Not snip and drag away – this can cause pulling, splitting and breaking of the cuticle and creates all sorts of problems. Simply softening and pushing cuticles back is usually plenty to keep them neat and tidy. But if you must snip – remember, don’t pull!

Carry a nail file

One of Deborah’s pet peeves was when people get a nail snag and they try to ‘file’ it using their teeth… for one. Biting nails is a pretty gross habit (as is biting cuticles, which has been a habit I’ve been guilty of) but also, nails are NEVER going to really file down your nails and you’re actually more likely to snag or damage your nails more in the process. Simple solution? Carry a nail file to sort and snags quickly and easily.

An elastic band is the secret to quitting nail-biting habits

Speaking of nail-biting or cuticle-chewing habits, a top tip that worked for Deborah Herself is to wear an elastic band on your wrist and every time you find yourself doing the bad chewing habit – give the band a sharp twang. Over time that repeated ‘ouch’ twang will turn into a change of habit and quitting!


Gel manicures are NOT the best for your nails (but not why you think)

Deborah isn’t as much of a fan of the two-week gel manicure treatments that are pretty much the ‘thing’ for nails now. I for one, love a gel manicure and if they have to be my guilty pleasure then that’s my call – do know I have to take good care of my hands and nails . But the reason behind it is what I found most interesting – it’s not so much the gels themselves but more the removal process. For one, removing the gel colour from the nail will inevitably take a layer or two off the top of the nail, even with the most professional removal. But what’s the worst is that you’re soaking your nails in pure acetone every two weeks which is VERY drying to both skin and nails and this can cause damage, breaking and dry skin. Obviously it’s totally your call what you do with your nails – but on the advice of the best, these are some tips to make sure you’re nails are in tip-top condition.

My top product recommendations from the Deborah Lippmann line are both from the care side of the range (not the say the colour selection isn’t awesome) but when it comes to care, there are two absolute gems. The Marshmallow Scrub – no matter what you do painting/colour wise for your nails a scrub is a wonder product for keeping your hands soft and smooth and you will be amazed by the difference in your nails when you use it. My other favourite is one I mentioned at the top – The Cure Cuticle Repair Cream – if you have dry cuticles but don’t want the mess of oil then this is a dream. Thick and hydrating and makes and immediate difference that lasts.

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  1. October 30, 2017 / 8:47 am

    Might have to look out for these products and give them a try – and I defo must try harder when it comes to taking care of my nails.

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