What the #10yearchallenge taught me about beauty

There’s another little Instagram/Internet trend doing the rounds – if you haven’t seen anyone share the #10yearchallenge yet then you may very well be living under a rock/spending a nice healthy time away from the internet (delete as appropriate). It’s one of those trends that I love, one for the fact I can stick my head in the sand and ignore all things Brexit-related at the moment and it’s always nice to have a little retrospective moment.


But let’s face it. The challenge is either A) Look how much I’ve changed (for the better…) or B) OMG I haven’t aged a day! Either of which is great and positive in their own way. But the one thing that was glaringly obvious for me when looking at my own little ten-year flashback was exactly how *little* my beauty routine and look had changed.

With the exception of perhaps my brows, which are a little thicker and darker now. Mostly because a decade ago a brow was just a minor thing that should be vaguely kept under control or plucked into a fine line. Not something that required an arsenal of 15 products and 20 minutes a day to groom into shaded and shaped perfection. Not that I do the latter to be honest, but you know what I mean. A decade ago ‘doing my brows’ meant plucking excessively rogue hairs. Now it means monthly brow-tidy appointments and maybe a slick of Gimme Brow or Boy Brow (just depending on which I have to hand, no favourites here). But it is true what they say, the brows do frame the face and I am definitely happier with my face with them as a feature rather than two almost invisible lines of blonde hair…

However, brow tweaks aside – my look has hardly changed. Sure, there’s a strong argument for the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ but also… stuck in a decade-long rut much!? The one thing it’s taught me is that I want to shake it up a bit in 2019… and beyond!

Feb 2009 in Chiswick
Summer 2009 in Finsbury Park. Note to self – low cut tops like this are not for you.

So today I’ve been starting with a shake up of my everyday beauty stash. Moving out some of my most-used shades and replacing with some fresh ones. I’m not likely to be popping to Sainsbury’s with a turquoise eyeshadow anytime soon. But simply swapping out my typical bronze shades for some warmer/orange toned shades. Plus picking out a few every day lipstick shades. One of things I am VERY guilty of is never wearing lipstick… despite having an awkwardly large collection. I say never – I mean daily. I do wear it, but generally only when going out for events etc.

Ok so *technically* this was late 2018 but CLOSE ENOUGH

One of the things that stood out to me though was how much I want to go even lighter with my hair. For the past year I’ve been seeing the same colourist (Kelly at Hob Salons Loughton) and LOVE the colour she does for me. She always just ‘gets’ my issues with the darker/warmer tones. Especially around my face and whilst last year was all about a colour that was lower maintenance. This year I feel like I want to go a bit more bold and bright…. maybe even heading more platinum…

So yes, the #10YearChallenge for me was a bit of a wake up call that I need to GET THE HELL OUT OF YOUR BEAUTY RUT! Try new things and break out of the same-old routine. Doesn’t have to be extreme, but little shake ups can make all the difference.

What about you? Did you do the 10 year challenge and if so what did you find?!



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