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So, the home stuff obsession is still very much going strong. Right now if someone asked me if I would like a Chanel bag or to re-do the bathroom I would have a seriously hard decision to make. Yes, really. Maybe I’m just growing up and becoming all sensible and boring. But whatever it is, I did promise myself I’d always be true to myself on the blog…which basically means in-between the bits of beauty I’ll be popping my other interests in here too – including home/interiors things.

You lucky people… The latest home ‘thing’ for me, is adding those little details that take it from house to home – those things that make a room feel cosy and lived in, rather than like a sterile show room (not that I’m really at risk of that with a boy, puppy and two rabbits sharing the flat with me…). What I mean is those little touches of texture and detail that really ‘finish’ a room off.

Firstly, I added a cosy rug to my office (formerly known as the spare room…now fully my office). I blogged about giving the room a bit of a make-over HERE thanks to a basic lick of paint – it made a world of difference. But there was still something missing – so when I had the chance to add a cosy grey and cream rug to the room I went for it. It’s one of those fairly small details that makes all the difference.

IMG_7013 IMG_7012


For me, it makes the room feel a bit more cosy and together. Plus the lighter colour of the rug to the carpet means it brightens it up a bit. I also made a few other little tweaks and changes to the room – switching my desk top for a white one (mainly for photos as it can be handy to have a nice clean white background). I got myself a second white book shelf like the one in the make-over post plus a second Alex storage unit in an effort to keep the beauty chaos under control. I need some serious help on the hoarding front.

The rug itself though is a great find – it’s cream, shaggy/long pile and has a bit of an imperfect diamond pattern to it. It’s actually a similar/cheaper version (it’s under £100) of a West Elm Rug I had my eye on but couldn’t justify the cost of. I really like how the pattern is a bit broken and un even as I feel like it makes it look more casual and cosy rather than a regimented print all over. We actually got another rug for our living room as a wedding gift from my brother in law – I’ll show this another time as we’re hoping to get a new sofa soon so will likely pop that in the post too.  The rug shown here is from The Rug Retailer * (£95)- with other options under the shaggy rug section.

Other textures/details wise – I have a mint stripe throw (above) that now rests over the back of my desk chair. Adding a bit more colour and textures to it. I like how this looks layered over the sheepskin look rug that lines the chair. Simple things…

I know, I need to control the excitement. But I figured at the end of the day, I know I’m not the only one who loves the idea of making their home look and feel nice. And when you spend most of your working days there, it makes all the difference. Plus, part of it is on a mission to declutter/streamline things – all very essential when space is very limited.

The next simple thing on my list is hanging pictures up – we have loads to hang as took many of them down as part of a few changes we were making. Now getting them all back up is the challenge… without leaving the walls looking like they’ve been subjected to lots of very small bullets.

On the home/interiors front – if there’s anything you’re especially keen to see on the blog let me know!

*Indicates PR sample or gift. 


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