June Goals & life update

June is one of my favourite months of the year, partly because it’s my birthday month but also there’s just something about June that I feel like it’s filled with positivity. The start of Summer, weather getting better (sure, it’s always changeable but the first weekend of June has been a fantastic start) and the longest days of the year. It’s also the half way point of the year so not a bad time to check in on any plans/ideas and goals you may have thought up in those heady New Year moments of ‘THIS IS MY YEAR’ etc.

Not getting into a retrospective of the six months gone by though. But looking forward. Personally I’m at a pretty exciting time. I feel like I’m just about up to speed with getting back into work. I’ve had some great client projects to work on that I’m really enjoying and sort of getting the hang of the work/mum life juggle. Having said that, as work is picking up I think we will potentially be looking to add a third nursery day into the weekly routine for Ella, something she’s doing this month so will see how she goes and take it from there.

The biggest thing we have on the cards is a potential house move. Staying in the same area but a slight change. As with all these sorts of things, it’s not a done deal until contracts are signed but it’s exciting and will be a bit of a change. Hopefully as the process gets moving I’ll share a few bits on both here and my Instagram (probably my more ‘life’ one than beauty – @jen_thorne)

I can’t wait to get stuck into making what is a gorgeous blank canvas, our home. At the same time I absolutely adore our current home and will miss it in loads of ways. But there’s a lot to be excited for about the move.

But as for my goals for June:

Get into a stronger work routine

One of the things I struggle with is getting the momentum going with work time. I want to get into a better structure for work so I really can hit the ground running when I do have the childcare. Meaning I make better use of the time I have, and as such have more chance of being able to shut my laptop and put down my phone and 100% focus on Ella. I seem to find this especially hard on Fridays when deadlines tend to naturally loom. So planning more time for batch writing, scheduling photography and days of meetings in. Planning ahead and being realistic with how long tasks actually take is all part of this.

Me: laughing at the thought of me being organised

Keep going with my exercise motivation

Since the start of the year I’ve kicked off a bit of a healthier lifestyle. With regular exercise being at the heart of this. I feel like I’ve let it slip a little recently due to a few things but I want to pick it back up again and continue to make it a focus. Including my Sunday evening yoga class which is as good for my mind as my body. I’ve found old bad habits creeping in with food too so I need to use June as a month to really get the focus back and eat good nutritious food again.

Aiming for at least 3-4x a week (this includes 2x PT sessions. Plus eating better more nutritious meals, which roughly translates to more healthy protein and tonnes of vegetables.

Try to see more of my friends

I have some wonderful friends, seeing them makes me all sorts of happy but at the same time life so easily whizzes by and weeks pass and dates in the diary get pushed or something more pressing replaces a previous social plan. Or work gets in the way. It’s so easy to overlook the value of time with your friends and over the last year I’ve really come to realise how much I personally need it. So I want to be the friend making the plans, will always stick to them and make my friends a priority. Because they’re important to me and I want them to know that.

Start to make a few more positive environmentally conscious changes

I feel like the past few months I’m becoming increasingly aware of how much rubbish we currently produce as a family. From the nappies, to plastic from food orders to the amount of card recycling I do due to work related deliveries. I’m not saying that I’m going to solve all of this in a month but I want to make a few changes to try and reduce the amount of single use plastic we bin in this house and making sure we’re not wasting as much food. I’ve made a few steps in my beauty routine too, something I think I’ll pull a post together on as they’re simple changes that others might find easy to follow too.

What are your goals for the month of June, and the rest of 2019 for that matter? For me, I think it’s important to try and make sure the goals are realistic. But then I am pretty good at always putting a little too much on my plate… Maybe that’s an idea for my July goals….


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