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Whilst home stuff very much remains a big obsession of mine, it feels like it’s been absolutely ages since I’ve posted anything. I guess that after the move it really does take a while for things to really be in place properly and to settle into the grove so it all feels like home and that you live there rather than just a pretty show home with shiny new things. But it really is all coming together now – I’ve loved every inch of the house since the day we moved in and it quickly did feel like home but there’s a whole lot more space than we had in our flat so it’s taking some time (and will still take some time) to put our own stamp on the empty rooms and generally fill the spaces. But I thought I’d kick off with a little peek at some of the details in my blogging space – an updated version.

blogging space

I did this back in the flat – looking at the space and the set up a bit and giving you a glimpse into the space where I do the vast majority of my blog work. Occasionally I’ll take my laptop to a local coffee shop or will be out and about at meetings so do some bits on the go – but by and large everything from photos, writing and all the admin-type bits takes place in this one room. It’s probably my favourite room in the house – I have pretty much full free-reign over how it’s decorated and what furniture I put in here (as opposed to deciding with Ollie as we do for the other rooms) which is a fun process. It’s meant i’ve made a few fun and exciting purchases including: Tubby Sofa

Tubby Two Seater Sofa – 

This was my first purchase and I very much doubt it will be the last. I LOVE this little sofa – the colour (turquoise) isn’t available any more but there’s a slightly darker version still on sale. I’ve obsessed over having a bright turquoise sofa for ages so did a little dance when I found this one which was the perfect size and shape for what I wanted. I was looking for a little sofa so I had a small seating space to use when I get back to filming You Tube videos. Plus if I just want a change of scenery – I like to sit on the floor/rug when brainstorming ideas or just playing with product.

It’s a little more minty turquoise in real life than it seems to come across in photos.

Made Tubby Sofa

Mint Sofa

Industrial Style Storage Unit – (sold out)

The link takes you to furniture as the stock is updated with new items regularly. 

This was an item I loved on first sight – then I spotted it in my friend Lily’s make-up storage video and knew I had to have it. I had originally planned for it to be in the upstairs hall as there is a space that’s just ideal for it. But Ollie decided he didn’t love it as much as I did, so office it was! And how happy am I with that decision, as I LOVE this. In fact, Ollie likes it loads now too that he’s seen it in place. Which I did of course take as an opportunity to make the point that I do in fact have good taste.

Urban Outfitters Storage Unitq

This is where I store all the make-up – it’s not even close to full, which is great. As I had a big clear out and donated a lot of items when we moved. So it feels very organised and a vaguely manageable amount of stuff. The top drawers are my entire nail colour and care collection. The drawers on this unit are fairly small so ideal for storing/organising smaller bits and bobs. Maybe the perfect excuse to have a bit of a make-up collection tour post or video maybe?! mini sofa

Along with these two ‘big’ items I also have a whole host of decorative touches that are a mix between purchases and gifts that I’ve accumulated over the years. Hopefully managing to strike the balance between it being a fun, creative space and it feeling cluttered and distracting. It’s a hard balance to strike sometimes! My eternal struggle for my office is between having a pared back, minimal and ‘grown up’ office or a rainbow coloured one filled with trinkets and random items. So I’m hoping to find somewhere magically in the middle.

Blogger Books

Above – this is on top of my trusty Ikea book case. I have a selection of blogger books. From beauty ones to those by Fleur, Tanya and Zoe. A little bit of everything in there! The ‘Hello’ brass ornament is one I picked up from one of my favourite home places – West Elm. The other brass ball thingy was a press gift and I’m actually not sure where it’s from!

Below shows a few bits that sit on top of two Ikea Alex drawers (the 9-drawer ones) that house all my non make-up beauty bits. The star light was a PR gift, the succulent (what’s a blogger space without one of these?!) is from Sainsbury’s – I have a few dotted around the room. And the boxes are a mix of Birchbox, Glossybox and My Little Box.

blogging space

The Desk Space Details

I’m trying very hard to make the desk space as neat and tidy as possible. The shape of the room means I’ve changed my desk a little so it’s a longer one. My small desk from the flat just looked awkward and out of place in the room so it made sense to adapt to a longer one. Plus it means I have a space that works for my computer plus having a photo taking space too.

blogger desk

The lamp on the desk is one I picked up from TK Maxx – it was only about £16/17. Total bargain. Plus it wouldn’t relal ybe a blogger space if it wasn’t for a touch of copper…

The ‘Let’s Talk Shop’ phone holder is technically a business card holder – but I use it to prop my phone up. Very handy if you want to watch a Periscope or do some face timing whilst working. That’s from Kate Spade and was a lovely gift from three of my fave girls for my birthday! Kate Spade has some just beautiful desk and home things – one of those places where I should just hand over my credit card at the door and give up the facade that I won’t spend all my money.  The ‘eat cake for breakfast’ mug is another lovely Kate Spade birthday gift too (as is the ‘odds and ends’ little plate in the snap above) – that I use to hold a selection of pencils I picked up from Target on my last US trip in the Summer. They sit next to the silver owl mug* from West Elm that holds some other pens and stationary essentials. Plus a quill from a recent session in West Elm where I was learning calligraphy – SO much fun. Keep an eye out for more classes they have in the Tottenham Court Road West Elm store!

I’m using a turquoise sparkly notebook as a mouse matt and I have an old Birchbox * (the Selfridges partnership they did earlier in the year one) that I cut out the back so it hides my external hard drive (yet still allows it to ventilate and not over heat. The spotty notebook is from Sainsbury’s – they have a fab stationary section for bargain prices FYI.

Roberts radio blogger

Sainsbury's stationary

It’s not yet a finished space by any means so will be updating again – I’m going to re-paint it, add some new curtains (the walls and curtains are both very beige right now) plus we’re going to change the floor to wood – but this won’t be until the New Year. I have also picked out some awesome artwork from – an AMAZING site if you’re looking for ways to add some interest and colour to walls. More on these when they arrive! So more updates to come – along with more house detail posts too, all being well.

Let me know if there’s anything home/house related that you would especially like to see and will add it to my ideas list!

*PR sample or gift



  1. December 1, 2015 / 6:17 am

    I wish we had enough space for something like this but right now I I just work out of a corner in the bedroom! I really need to get one of those units to store all my makeup though! 🙂

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