Feu De Bois Candle: Spend vs Save

I adore candles at the best of times, but right now – I’m basically obsessed. Maybe I should turn this blog into ‘candle junkie in London’…. at the rate I’m going it would probably be wise. I love candles. I pretty much always have one burning. I tend to opt for either clean/fresh scents or those that make the flat feel warm and cosy – one of my all time favourites being Diptyque Feu De Bois. I live in a new-ish central London flat. These do not have fireplaces. Therefore that cosy wood burning scent that feels so homely and comforting in Winter is only going to be recreated with the use of lovely scented candles. Now, I am a big fan of Diptyque Candles – not only are they perfect Instagram fodder (they are just simply pretty) but they also smell lovely and really fill a room with fragrance.  Downside being, they’re not on the thrifty side of life… so when I stumbled across a bit of possible Diptyque dupe I jumped at the chance to spark that bad boy up and see how it fared.

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This Feu De Bois candle alternative is from Muji. Ok, it definitely doesn’t win the same level of pretty points at the Diptyque Feu De Bois – but the scent is remarkably similar. I should probably note here that whilst this Diptyque candle hasn’t been lit – it also isn’t my first Feu De Bois! The Muji Candle does win hands down on bank-balance-friendly at just £3.50. Yes, you read that right – £3.50. I went on a little bit of a Diptyque spree last weekend and this was one of about 4 that I picked up – more on the others soon.

So, the pro’s of the Diptyque Feu De Bois version – it’s much prettier, it’s much bigger than the Muji so promises a longer burn time (60 hours compared to the 18 of Muji). The scent really does fill the room and linger afterwards AND as above – it’s Instagram friendly…. but it is £45 a candle (full size – £20 for smaller one that burns for 30 hours).

The pro’s of the Muji Feu De Bois – it smells just as lovely, the scent does fill the room but perhaps doesn’t linger quite as much, it’s £3.50. So you could buy three of these for just over a tenner and get close to the equivalent burn time of the Diptyque…

There’s no denying the lure of a gorgeous Diptyque candle – but if you’re in the candle game for fragrance above all else, then Muji is definitely the place to go to save some serious pennies.

For more on Muji candles/home scents: Muji Website

For Diptque candles: Space NK  (from £20 for small candle)


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