Jo Malone Wild Flowers & Weeds Spring 2019 Collection

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Jo Malone has released their signature limited edition 2019 Spring collection, called Jo Malone Wild Flowers and Weeds. This years offering has been inspired by the Wild Flowers & Weeds, specifically those around the canals of London.

Jo Malone Wild Flowers & Weeds

Now, as someone who lived close to the canals of Islington for many years… I can confirm the new Jo Malone fragrances are much more appealing than the actual odours of the canal walk ways. They have taken some of the signature weeds and wildflowers found along British canals and waterways and combined them in interesting and unusual ways.

The collection has five fragrances. Each in beautifully illustrated with floral images depicting the fragrances in the bottle, with a white lid rather than the usual silver. The bottles themselves are just beautiful.

Jo Malone Wild Flowers & Weeds

Let’s take a look at the five scents as described by the brand:

Jo Malone Cade & Cedarwood (John Lewis £49)
The smouldering embers of a wood-burning stove at nightfall. Basking in the warm and comforting glow of cade, its smoky scent mingled with Cedarwood and complemented by a mouth-watering hint of sensual vanilla.

Jo Malone Nettle & Wild Achillea (John Lewis £49)
The tangy sting of nettle, peeking through pavement cracks and entwined with wild, white achillea flower. Sparkling with bright bergamot, the greenness softened by a soft base of white musk.

Jo Malone Lupin & Patchouli (John Lewis £49)
Reminiscent of canal banks, awash with colour. A rainbow of lupin flowers, enriched by luxurious rose and deepened with rebellious patchouli. A surprising contrast with the fresh vibrancy of mandarin.

Jo Malone Hemlock & Bergamot (John Lewis £49)
Hemlock’s powdery petals, brightened with bergamot. A deadly, yet unexpectedly-delicate flower. Illuminated with golden mimosa and a floral flourish of heliotrope. Crisp and modern with a bite of cucumber.

Jo Malone Willow & Amber (John Lewis £49)
The expressive weeping willow, gently draping across the fresh morning water. Captured in the woody pairing of cashmere wood and smoky vetiver, enhanced by softly sensual amber.

Jo Malone Wild Flowers & Weeds

I have two of the fragrances from the Jo Malone Wild Flowers collection I was given at the launch event – Cade & Cedarwood and Willow & Amber. I have a soft spot for the Willow one as it’s the same name as one of my dogs…

I would describe Cade & Cedarwood as the most masculine of the range. Whilst Willow is a nice in-between, fresh but with something warm in there too.

I would predict the first to sell out of the five fragrances in the Jo Malone Wild Flowers collection will be the Nettle & Wild Achillea. I think that was the top pick for almost everyone I spoke to at the launch. It’s a beautiful light, fresh lightly floral fragrance and just perfect for Spring.

Speaking of Spring – it seems to have arrived early this year. Not complaining…

The Jo Malone Wild Flowers & Weeds Collection is available now from John Lewis (£49 per 30ml bottle)

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Post features gifted products and affiliate links.

Jo Malone Wild Flowers and Weeds

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