Clarins Suncare Reformulated for 2019

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The main thing when it comes to suncare and SPF is that you wear it. The brand you choose or factor is a personal choice. But number one is that you do definitely wear some. If you’re looking for a premium brand of sun protection then the Clarins Suncare range is a good place to start. As the ‘Clarins Suncare Reformulate for 2019’ headline will probably have given away, the range that’s been around for years has been given a refresh for 2019. In both formula and packaging.

Clarins Suncare Reformulated

The Clarins Suncare range has always been a bit of a bold one packaging wise with it’s signature yellow bottles. These have now taken on a new dimension with the bold yellow and orange and turquoise packaging now being used to signal easily which factor or product you’re reaching for. With the yellow for factor 30, orange for factor 50 and turquoise for the aftersun family. Oh and no, there isn’t anything less than factor 30… Something I think is fantastic step (and that’s from someone who feels daring wearing anything less than SPF50 these days).

But I’m not here to preach about SPF, as I’d guess if you’re reading this you’re already converted and invested in protecting your skin (well done you).

Clarins Suncare Reformulated

I love how the bold colours stand out and look really fresh packaging wise. Inside the products still have the famous, signature Clarins scent and come in a range of texture options within each family of SPF or after sun. The body sun care range available in cream, oil mist and cream spray formulas. The facial sun care in dry touch cream and gel in oil and the after sun in both balm and gel.

Texture wise is basically a personal choice and for me I like a cream for the SPF but the after sun I love both the balm and gel. It’s hard to choose between them as they both feel really lovely and hydrating whilst still feeling fresh to use. For face, I just want something that feels light and doesn’t leave skin overly shiny. The SPF 50 dry touch cream ticks that box easily.

I took these away with me on our recent few days in Spain and they were great. The thing with Premium suncare such as Clarins Suncare is that not only do you know you have a good level of protection it also just feels lovely to use. Especially the aftersun, I can’t rave about those enough. SO good.

Clarins Suncare Reformulated
Clarins Suncare Reformulated

In addition to the core SPF and aftersun range there’s also a new Clarins SPF30 tinted compact product that’s really interesting if you want a little natural coverage for by the pool or even if you do opt for makeup on holiday and want to keep it topped up but your skin protected. The compact is SPF30 and comes with a clever silicone sponge to apply with – creating a smooth and perfect finish and added bonus that if you drop in sand or something it’s easy to wipe clean and pop back in. There’s only one shade and the coverage is sheer/natural so don’t expect a full coverage flawless face but it’s a great Summer holiday ‘little bit of something’ protection and evening-out wise.

The Clarins Suncare range is available now from John Lewis (prices from £20)

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Post features gifted products and affiliate links.

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