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If you want to capture what smells like Summer holidays then there are probably a handful of fragrances that I’ll bet almost every person will have pop into their mind straight away.

Smells like holidays

Number one would have to be coconut, that sweet creamy goodness that can be found in everything ‘holiday’ from sun cream to pina coladas. Throw in the tropical floral scent of plumeria (also known as Frangipani) and you’re well on your way to something that truly smells like holidays.

Combine these two scents into some beautiful body care products and you will be dreaming of sunshine days and basking in tropical climes before you step out of your morning shower. SBC have launched a special duo of Coconut and Plumeria fragranced products – a creamy shower melt that lathers like a dream but still feels creamy and hydrating. Then there’s a beautiful shimmer skincare gel to add a skin enhancing sheen to sunkissed skin… be that with a little fake tan help or otherwise… or even just a little shine to paler skin tones. The sheen is really subtle and skin-enhancing, not glittery at all. It’s lightly moisturising and feels cooling and refreshing to use – it soaks straight in and feels like water on skin. Honestly, the scent – SO GOOD. As I write I have this on my arms and I keep smelling my own hand to re-appreciate how delicious it smells.

Smells like holidays

You know what takes ‘smells like summer’ to the next level… watermelon. OH SO GOOD. To eat or to smell like. If you like all things watermelon then this new QVC TSV will be 100% for you as it’s a HUGE SBC Refreshing Watermelon Shower Gel & Shampoo double-whammy. An enormous 1000ml pump action bottle of Watermelon goodness.

Then to top off the watermelon joy you can finish your body care routine with the Refreshing Watermelon Skincare Gel. The fruity version of the Coconut & Plumeria Skincare Gel it’s another cooling and moisturising gel that feels lightly hydrating (Watermelon is 92% water so has that instant hydration feeling) and amazingly refreshing all at the same time.

What works well… layering the two together. The scents work amazingly to layer and use together for the ultimate smells like holidays dream team.

Best news about all of this tropical scented goodness? The fact that it’s all on offer as part of an amazing QVC TSV – with the duo of 500ml Coconut & Plumeria Shimmer Skincare Gel and Shower Melt plus the 1000ml Refreshing Watermelon Shower Gel and Shampoo plus the 250ml Refreshing Watermelon Skincare Gel.

The SBC Simply Beautiful QVC TSV is available 15th May priced (Price is TBC but will be item number 239022 when released at midnight)

For more information on the two SBC collections: Refreshing Watermelon or Coconut & Plumeria Collection

AD: This post is in conjunction with SBC

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