Heatwave Helpers

Heatwave Helpers

Post features some PR samples and affiliate links

Today is anticipated to be a record breaker as far as temperature goes in the UK. Unlike other places across the world where they anticipate such highs in the Summer as the norm, any temperature breaking the 30 degree celcius mark is considered pretty extreme for us and frankly – we’re not cut out for it. Air conditioning in homes, shops or offices is not the norm. Our houses are generally designed to keep heat INSIDE the house. So when it gets hot, in typically Brit fashion we TALK about it, whilst melting and try to find a way to get through it before we return to the norm of average temperatures, grey skies and a touch of drizzle (then we talk about that too… but that’s another story). So any heatwave helpers that can be shared are a welcome thing…

heatwave helpers

So far for this burst of heatwave I’ve picked up a few products and gadgets that have made all the difference to how I’ve coped and also how we’ve helped make sure Ella is comfortable and slept ok so far.

A fan

A fan is a game changer when it comes to a heat wave. We’ve had some great bargain ones from Tesco for a few years now. I have one in gold and another in a copper colour. This year we splurged on two Dyson fans, one of the tower ones and the one with the filter/fan combo (John Lewis £499). Right now as I sit with one pointed directly at me as I sit at my desk I have to say, they might be some of the best money ever spent. Yes, they’re expensive but they’re GOOD. That being said, the £20 fans from Tesco are great value too. Either way a fan really does make all the difference in this weather.

heatwave helpers
heatwave helpers

A damp flannel

Ok so this one might sound a bit old-wives tale, but last night when it was a hot one overnight I wet a flannel with cold water, rung it out and took it to bed with me. I’m a strange one who likes to sleep under a duvet even when it’s roasting but this flannel meant I felt completely cool all night and slept really well (bar one wake up due to our rubbish baby monitor deciding to disconnect and beep at 3am… but that’s irrelevant to the heat). I mostly had it on my legs or back and it just meant I felt cool! Promise it didn’t make the bed feel wet either as it was well rung out beforehand!

A water mist

Honestly, when I saw people paying money for water in bottles to spray at themselves previously I thought it all seemed a little bit extra. Well, feel free to call me extra because I am a convert. I’ve already worked my way through a handbag sized La Roche Posay Eau Thermale Spring Water Spray and then promptly placed a Boots order for a load of the Avene Eau Thermale sprays (they had 25% off FYI) so I have a couple of giant 300ml ones and a couple of small bag sized ones again. Well stocked and very happy with my life choices there. The mist of water is immediately cooling and refreshing and highly recommend in heat or even just general Summer temps for a refresh anywhere.

Pixi Rose Caviar Essence

This is one of those products that arrived and honestly, wasn’t the first to catch my eye. Pixi are incredibly generous with sending out PR samples and sometimes it can be a tad overwhelming when so many things it’s harder for individual products to jump out. But I wanted something for a quick dose of moisture at my desk a few weeks ago and reached for this. It’s lovely, a light gel with little suspended pearls in there for a boost of moisture. It feels like a light gel/water combo when you apply to skin. It vanishes and absorbs super quickly and smells softly of rose. I use this on face, hands, body. Wherever it goes it feels a bit like a splash of water but leaving lingering moisture behind. The Pixi Rose Caviar Essence (Marks & Spencer – £26) 45ml too, so ideal for travel as a good universal moisture/refreshing product.

The fancy spray

When I’m wearing makeup in the heat (something I avoid as much as I can when getting this toasty!) I prefer to reach for a facial spritz to keep refreshed rather than the water mists above. My favourite of the moment is the Omorovicza Budapest one, the smell is something so hard to describe. It’s not like anything else, but just smells special and a little bit medicinal and a little bit fancy. This spray does that immediate cool/refresh thing but doesn’t mess with makeup at all. Works a treat as a finishing step for skincare too.

Post features some PR samples and affiliate links



  1. Candice
    July 25, 2019 / 7:40 pm

    The Avène thermal spring water is essential during hot weather it helps so much with skin

    Candice x


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