Meet Memoize Perfume

Meet Memoize Perfume

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Perfume is probably one of the hardest products to blog about, yet it’s still one of my absolute favourites. Trying to accurately describe a fragrance to someone who is on the other side of a screen who can’t pick it up and see what they think for themselves whilst also being aware that even if I described it perfectly note by note, the subjective element of perfume would mean that my words would only ever go so far in capturing a scent and describing it. But I do love to write about fragrance as it’s one of my favourite areas of the beauty world. Today I’m going to tell you a little about a really interesting London based niche brand called Memoize Perfume.

Memoize Perfume

Memoize is a pretty new brand (founded in 2016), but as a testament to the work and experience behind it – the brand already has a space in the niche fragrance area in Selfridges. No mean feat when there’s such a saturation of fragrance brands.

The whole idea behind Memoize is that the perfumes combine certain notes to capture memories and moments. Something I love personally, as I definitely use perfume as a way to capture memories and remind me of certain times in life. There are certain products that I can just catch a soft waft of and immediately it takes me to a moment in time. Sometimes a scent will just evoke a feeling that’s even more powerful than the memory – that sort of ‘deja vu’ moment where you brain goes somewhere but you can’t pin point where or when, but can just feel the emotion.

Memoize Perfume

The fragrances are luxurious and definitely in the premium price range, but this is reflective of the ingredients and quality of the brand. Founder Holly Hutchinson comes from a premium fragrance background, previously working for a prestige niche fragrance brand before she started Memoize. I met Holly and it was fascinating to hear more about the process and journey of starting your own fragrance brand from scratch. She’s done incredible things in the short time she she started the brand and I’m excited to see what comes next.

There are three core ranges to the brand, the Exclusive Range, the Light Range and the Dark Range. For each range they offer a sample selection where you can get a selection of 2ml spray samples of the fragrances in that range. Which is what I have here. I’m always surprised how long a 2ml spray actually lasts, especially when the scents are packed with quality ingredients that truly last on the skin.

The samples I have to play with are from the dark range. The Light Range is a newer launch (have to say I love the look of the bottles from that range). It’s a tough call which is my favourite between Luxuria and Gula. I have a soft spot for Superbia as it’s one that has that memory connection and reminds me of a perfume my mum used to wear when I was younger and smelling it reminded me immediately of my mum getting ready for an evening out. Which I’m sure she would say was a rare occurance but I do distinctly remember the smell of perfume in the air when she was getting ready to go out when I was a child.

Memoize Perfume

As to which fragrance to try, in this case I can’t suggest that at all. They really are so subjective and individual. But I’d love to see the brand discovered and tried.

The prices vary across the range (reflecting the cost of the premium ingredients in each one) from £127-£377

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