The candle obsession continues (along with onesies and face masks… can you see the hibernation theme emerging?!). The ‘holy grail’ of gorgeous scented candles has to be Diptyque, with it’s classic candles and their familiar black and white labels being on many a lust-list…

I recently went along to the Dipyque store in Mayfair to have a bit of a browse and discover their lovely Christmas offerings this year. There are a number of lovely gift sets, but the stars of the show have to be the trio of festive candles – with Amber Oud (the red one), Sapin Dore (the green one) and Oliban (the blue one).
Amber Oud is described as ‘inspired by Arabian Nights’ and ‘plunges the user into an Oriental dream world’. I almost hope Aladin shows up with a magic carpet from the description… but can confirm it’s a lovely warming scent with a definite spice element to it. Plus the glass glows a pretty red when burning creating a very festive ambiance.
Sapin Dore is the most festive of the trio in my opinion – since it is basically a Christmas tree in candle form. Just one whiff takes me back to a childhood moment laying on the floor underneath the freshly decorated Christmas tree looking at the fairy lights reflecting on the ceiling. Loved this one so much that I purchased a full size to take home with me.
Oliban is another Christmas classic scent, with frankincense at it’s heart. It does smell delicious and with a definite festive element to it.
Then of course there are the lovely classic scented candles and body products – they are an investment, so worth doing some detective work if buying as a gift for someone else but there is bound to be a fragrance for all. My personal favourite has to be the Mimosa Candle, I absolutely adore it.

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