Glossier Future Dew Review

Glossier is one of those brands I have to put into the ‘there’s just something about it’ category. The selection of brands I have a big old lust for and can’t always put my finger perfectly on what or why it is. Is it the branding? The products themselves? The whole package? Who knows. But there’s something about Glossier and they have me hook line and sinker with every new launch. Case in point, the latest launch of Glossier Future Dew which I promptly ordered when it hit the site in October and now I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Glossier Future Dew

Firstly, the product is a tad confusing. Glossier Future Dew is described as an oil serum, offering a glow and the liquid comes out with a peachy pink tint to it. Does it sit in skincare or makeup? I’m still undecided. I’m probably leaning more towards it being makeup rather than pure skincare purely because I would only choose to wear in the day and not at night. If it was skincare then maybe it would be different but the tint and the way it’s a sort of ‘finishing’ product for skincare makes me think otherwise.

So who is this product for? I would day this is best suited to anyone who loves to go makeup free and just have glowing healthy skin. Or if you have dry/dull/dehydrated skin and need a boost to get that glow. If you have oily skin then this probably isn’t for you, not that it feels oily/greasy at all. It doesn’t, but adding extra glow/shine probably won’t be top of your skin wish list.

The biggest question really I want to answer is what does it do and why would you buy this product? As I mentioned before, it’s described as a sort of finishing product for the skin. It adds a glow that lasts beyond the absorption of the product in a way that has that ‘Instagram cool girl smizing into the direct sunlight’ about it. In real life day to day it can be a delicate balance between that glossy glow OR looking like your face might just need a bit of a wash. This definitely sits on the glossy glow side, my advice would be to only apply where you want the shine. So I use on my cheeks and even up to the around the under eye area where I’m notoriously dehydrated. I avoid the forehead and nose area as find these are shiny enough all on their own!

Glossier Future Dew
Glossier Future Dew applied to the right side of my face (left side on photo). Other side is bare skin.

As a product for glowing skin on no makeup days (which are pretty frequent at the moment) I adore this. It just gives that very subtle little something that makes me look like my skin is glowing. Without the need for a full application/blend makeup routine. If you love a natural look and glowing natural skin is the goal then this is a fab addition for your skincare/makeup routine. As I still can’t quite make a full call on which of those categories it sits in (for ref on the Glossier site it sits in skincare…)

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