Slendertone Review: Part two

I did a brief post about my Slendertone experience a couple of months ago (time flies) and always promised to do a full review post, so here goes.

Slendertone is a pretty well known brand so many will know what it does, but for those that don’t: Slendertone machines are basically toning machines for people (like me) who are essentially too lazy to hit the gym and do a million sit ups a day. They work by sending electrical impulses to the muscles, causing them to contract and relax- in the same way as they would when you do a sit up. So basically it does the hard work for you.

I know, I probably shouldn’t be so lazy and just get off my fat a**e and do the exercise, but I have never been a gym bunny and it would be a good week if I managed to fit in a jog- let alone sit ups. So, as a busy bee- I prioritise doing a bit of cardio to keep me healthy and opt to use the Slendertone to attempt to tone my mid-section.

So, what is it like?

Wrapping the abs band around is slightly unpleasant as the pads are a bit cold and slimy feeling, but once they warm up (which they do very quickly). When the machine is turned on it starts as a very subtle tingly feeling, that becomes more and more intense as you increase the setting. As it increases it gradually gets strong enough to engage the muscles and get them to contract and relax.

Is it painful?

Not at all, if anything it feels quite funny and makes me giggle. The more intense the level it is on, the harder the muscle contracts- if I put it on too high a level it was uncomfortable, but not painful. But I guess it would be a huge cop-out to have no form of sensation at all- and at least you can feel it working. If it just tingles, it wont be engaging the muscles and therefore- wont be doing anything.

Does it do anything?

I truly think it does. It definitely works the muscles and you can feel that ‘ache’ the day after. When I first got the machine I used it like an obsessed woman and by the end of the week my stomach felt a bit more taut.

I think it must have done something, as the boyfriend noticed enough of a difference to buy his own Slendertone machine after I had used mine for two weeks. At around £100, this isn’t a cheap investment so I doubt he would have done so if he didn’t think it was worth it.

Also, I am planning to buy myself the arm kit to tackle my bingo wings, my other ‘problem area’. Once you have the Slendertone System Controller, you can add the bits for specific body parts, the arm kit is around £30.

What are the downsides?

You have to use it really regularly and consistently. When I was using it really regularly I could really feel the difference, but since coming back from holiday and moving I’m a bit embarrassed to say I haven’t used it at all and can feel how ‘I have let myself go’- just like when you stop exercising, it doesn’t take long for the good work to disappear.

This is totally my fault for not finding time to use it and as I sit here, after one too many ginger-nuts I am determined to get back on the Slendertone wagon. I think this time I may even brave the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs to show the effects (so shield your eyes when the time comes if you are easily shocked…)

*** The Slendertone Abs Belt was sent as a sample for review, not bought but this review is 100% honest!***


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