Anti-oxidant Virgin?

I was first introduced to Virgin Vie beauty products by my sister who held ‘Virgin Vie’ parties to sell the products. I was also lucky enough to be given a selection of their lovely products including some yummy lip glosses (which really are good enough to eat), eye shimmers and a gorgeous bronzing make up kit.

Anyway, onto the products in hand, Virgin Vie have two skin care formulas containing anti-oxidants to protect the skin, these are:

Beauty Essence Superfood Serum with Coenzyme Q10 and Pomegranate Extract (£15 for 30ml)

The beauty world craze for serum refuses to go away (for good reason) and this is a top-spot competitor. Firstly, as a sucker for packaging, I was already impressed by the stylish silver and white packaging before I even tried it out.

As with most serums you only need a small amount of the delicate velvety serum to nourish skin and leave it soft, smooth and energised. I have to say, the serum doesn’t smell too tasty, but since you’re not meant to eat it (despite it being ‘super food’) then that should be overlooked. The serum melts into skin and works as the ideal base for make up, with the added bonus of the protective anti-oxidants working to protect your skin from premature ageing to keep your complexion youthful, fresh and revitalised.

Face the Day (£17.50 for 30ml)

Face the Day, like the whole Virgin Vie range has really simplistic, pretty packaging. This non greasy, ultra light SPF 15 lotion is designed to be applied underneath or on top of your usual day cream.

The anti-ageing benefits of wearing an SPF face cream every day cannot be over stressed, and this is the ideal light weight version which gives you the protection you need without feeling like you are coated in thick, greasy sun block. Face the Day offers anti-oxidant protection against free radicals as well as medium protection against damaging UV rays – the perfect base for summer skin.

Face the Day includes UVA and UVB filters offering a broad spectrum of protection from the sun and premature ageing, Hyaluronic Acid to enhance your skin’s ability to retain moisture, Purple Laver Extract (a liposome encapsulated Seaweed Extract to supplement the UVA protection) and Anti-oxidant White Tea Extract to help aid the fight against free-radicals.


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