The ultimate beauty challenge: THE SPOT

The spot challenge…Clearasil vs. Tea Tree

That age-old beauty crisis strikes again, the spot. Always with the worst timing (not that there is any good timing for a spot) but the worst ones always strike before a big night out, or a work presentation, anywhere that you need to be 100% confident and don’t need large red puss-filled spots spoiling it.

The mother of all spots decided to strike this week, not a good thing, but on the bright side gave me a chance to challenge two spot killing giants to a dual. First things first, I am pleased to say the massive spot monster, did not strike me, but my boyfriend. So I can write this review completely objectively based 100% on the actual results.

Round 1: Nelsons Pure and Clear Skincare Blemish Gel (£8.00 exclusively from Boots)

Nelsons gel relies on the natural anti-septic and antibacterial properties of Tea Tree combined with the calming and soothing properties of Arnica and Hypericum and skin conditioning Calendula.

With celebrity fans including supermodel, Giselle I had high hopes for this all-natural spot-fighter, but this is a big spot and it put up a good fight. Still fighting after a series of applications, the spot won out overall so we moved onto round two.

Round 2: Clearasil’s Spot Blocker Pen (£6.82)

Having beaten the all-natural goodness of the tea tree gel, it was time to bring in Clearasil, the skin-saviour of many a teenager (and beyond). The spot blocker pen is a clear gel that is absorbed fast and contains ‘maximum strength’ spot fighting ingredients to penetrate deep into pores to help stop the spot from appearing. This is the catch, the spot had already appeared, but it does promise to help to clear existing spots by visibly reducing redness and size. This spot blocker has its work cut out for it.

We have yet to see if the Clearasil has what it takes to beat the spot of all spots, but will update tomorrow on progress….

Update….the spot is still there (it’s a monster) but does seem to have calmed a bit. Seems the Clearasil did what it said. Although in the same time I have been using the tea tree oil on a threatening mount Vesuvius which has diverted it’s course and prevented an eruption….good news for the weekend!

About the products:

Nelsons Pure and Clear Skincare

The Nelsons Pure and Clear range relies on a combination of natural plant extracts including Calendula, Arnica and Hypericum with Tea Tree to create the perfect topical skin care system. Products include:

Purifying Daily Facial Wash

Purifying Daily Facial Wipes (really refreshing after a long day)

Oil Control Toner

Blemish Gel (great to pop in your bag)

The range also extends to ‘Nelsons Pure and Clear Sulphur 30c ClikPak’ to target spots from the inside. Everything in the range is priced between £5.30-£8.00.


Clearasil’s Spot Blocker Pen is a great product to carry around and apply regularly to try and beat a dreaded spot. The twist pen makes the clear gel easy to apply directly to the affected area (makes it ideal for the odd break out rather than a full on face spot attack). I would recommend this for the handbag, but make sure it is applied regularly!


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