Battle of the body butters: a fight for the softest skin

For the past few weeks I have been working through the onerous task of testing out a series of body butters (not really, my skin has never felt better) on the quest to find the ideal body-softening treat. When testing these pots of buttery-soft goodness there were a number of things to look for:

Texture: How thick is the butter? How well does it absorb into skin? How does skin feel after application?

Smell: Fresh? Clean? Fruity? Rich?

Moisturisability (I made that word up): How soft is skin after applying? Does it feel more pampered than after regular moisturiser? How soft is it at the end of the day?

I decided to mark each of the body butters out of 10 for each of the above categories along with a bit of description. With this in mind, I got testing and here are the results:

Dove Body Butter for extra dry skin(£4.99)
Texture: This Dove product is pretty much what you would expect from a body butter, a really thick cream that absorbs in easily without leaving a greasy film on the skin. 9/10

Smell: If you are a regular Beautyjunkielondon reader then you will be aware that I am a huge fan of the Dove classic scent- I love how fresh and clean it is, and the body butter is no exception. 10/10

Moisturisability: Skin is left instantly soft and stays that way all day long. 9/10

Marks and Spencer Mango Body Butter (£5)

Texture: This body butter has a slightly lighter texture than the other body butters. Absorbs easily and leaves skin soft and smooth. 7/10

Smell: The best thing about this body butter is the fantastic fresh and fruity scent. There is something so refreshing about the smell of mango, something about it is so reminiscent of holidays! 9/10

Moisturisability: Not as heavily moisturising as the other body butters, but the lighter texture is light and refreshing. If you have dry skin then this probably isn’t the cream for you. 7/10

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Smoothing Body Butter (£4.99)

Texture: Gorgeous thick texture, absorbs in well and leaves skin soft without a filmy residue. 10/10

Smell: Obviously, being a cocoa butter product this smells strongly of cocoa butter so may be a personal preference thing. I like the smell, but prefer to use this as a skin softening night-time treat as find the smell a little strong for day time. 7/10
Moisturisability: This body butter left my skin soft and fantastically smooth. Just what you want from a body butter. 9/10

Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Body Butter (£4.99)

Texture: The texture of this is very similar to the Dove body butter, heavier than a normal cream but still absorbs well and leaves skin soft without a film. 9/10

Smell: Completely odourless, if you have sensitive skin or want something that doesn’t interfere with perfume then this is ideal. 8/10

Moisturisability: Leaves skin soft all day long. Perfect for sensitive, dry skin. 9/10

Spa Paradisa Coconut and Frangipani Body Butter (£8 from Debenhams)

Texture: Probably the thickest of the body butters I tested out, but still absorbs well. As it is so thick a little goes a long way. 8/10
Smell: This body butter smells of holidays. I reviewed the Spa Paradisa Gradual Tanning Cream a while ago and completely fell in love with the smell. The body butter smells equally as fragrant as the tanning lotion, reminding me of the smell of clothes that have dried in hot summer heat. Based on the smell of this I am going to have to get the watermelon and pink grapefruit version! 10/10

Moisturisability: A little goes a long way to leave skin soft and well moisturised all day long. 8/10

Dove Pro-Age Rich Body Butter (£6.99)

Texture: The pro-age body butter is a lighter texture than the Dove original body butter with a more lotion-like feel. Absorbs well but did leave skin slightly more ‘filmy’ than the other butters. 6/10

Smell: Strangely, doesn’t have the same Dove scent as the original body butter. Still fairly fresh but just not quite the same as the original. 7/10

Moisturisability: Great at leaving skin soft and moisturised, but would be better for dryer or more mature skins that need a little extra help. 8/10

One final thing to say, before I am all body-buttered out- the only issue with using body butter regularly is that you may find you get used to skin being so pampered and moisturised that when you revert back to using lotion it doesn’t feel like it is being as effective. I would suggest using body butters perhaps once or twice a week to ‘top up’ skin as an added boost to your regular moisturising routine.

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