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One of the best things about summer is that it is acceptable to make minimum effort, or at least to LOOK like your making minimal effort (don’t get me started on the efforts of waxing, scrubbing and tanning)…. Of course, by minimal effort I mean look ‘naturally beautiful’ which actually does take some effort (or at least the right products) for most to get this look.
One of the must-have or most wanted looks for summer is the beach-babe hair. Meaning soft tousled matte waves- not wind-blasted and streaked with sea-weed. In an effort to help you find the best products I have been testing out a selection of sprays that promise to deliver this beach-babe-look, without the necessary trip to the seaside.
Before I launch head-first into the reviews I have to point out that I wont be reviewing any of the products on their ability to turn hair into waves. This is because this effect will be totally subjective to individual hair types- and as my hair is naturally straight I found none of the following had any wave-inducing effect on my hair.
This isn’t meant to sound bad at all, it’s not the products fault, but I don’t think it would be reasonable to expect a spray to turn my poker straight hair miraculously into soft waves.
But for those of you blessed with naturally wavy hair- I would love to hear your thoughts -have your tried any of the below? or other beach-hair products? Please go ahead and leave a comment below to let me know what you think.
Each of the sprays will be reviewed on the following:
  • Smell (nice or nasty?)
  • Packaging (I’m a packaging magpie)
  • How does hair feel? (Does it feel dirty/weighed down/sticky/smooth/shiny….you get the idea)
John Masters Organics Sea Mist (£15.66 at
Smell: Smells like fresh lavender, not exactly a seaside staple but lovely all the same. All organic, so good for eco-conscious beauty junkies.
Packaging: Simple and stylish transparent brown bottle.
How does hair feel? A couple of spritzes and hair feels OK, slightly matte but still healthy.

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray (£5.86 from Boots or
Smell: Smells powdery, and reminds me of the perfume Angel.
Packaging: Bright pink transparent bottle that is a neat size so easy to carry around with you.
How does hair feel: This was probably the best product if you want your hair to still feel smooth and clean after application.
Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray (£14.87 from
Smell: The smell reminds me of towels on holiday that have dried in the warm sun! Conjures up holiday feelings.
Packaging: The trendiest packaging of the five- matte back with a chrome silver pump.
How does hair feel: This spray does give hair that salt-water feeling adding texture and a matte effect instantly.
Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Beach Waves (£TBC)
Smell: Smells fresh with a hint of citrus.
Packaging: Bright orange transparent bottle is really summery and warm- perfect for a beach product.
How does hair feel: Creates a matte texture but doesn’t feel weighed down.
Osmo Essence Matt Sea Spray (RRP £7.99)
Smell: Smells as fresh as the sea breeze, the lovely smell is the best thing about this spray.
Packaging: Simple blue packaging, not one your would be rushing to have on show.
How does hair feel: Does feel a bit weighed down after application, definitely provides a matte texture.
Apologies for all who want to read about the effect these sprays have on hair, I really wish I could report that my hair was transformed into mermaid-like cascading waves but it’s not the case and it would be unfair of me to judge them based on this.

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  1. July 28, 2009 / 8:52 am

    Comment via Twitter: @DMarieStudios @beautyjunkieldn I make my own beach hair spray with salt water in a spray bottle. Or I love Kusco Murphy Beach Hair – divine coconut smell

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