Institut Esthederm Bronz Repair

Institut Esherderm is a top-end skin care brand which includes a range of specialist sun protection products. One of the unusual aspects of this range is that it doesn’t include SPF ratings in the packaging, instead the products are labeled according to the intensity of sun they offer protection against (normal/strong/extreme).

The Bronze Repair product I have been testing offers protection against extreme sun, with the added bonus of being packed with skin-repairing formulas to help prevent aging. Available for £29.00 from Selfridges, London this is not cheap sun protection, but if you spend a significant amount of time in strong or above sun then for the sake of your skin it is worth investing in a high-level skin protector.

The texture of this lotion is light and absorbs really easily leaving skin soft but not too greasy. the smell is fairly non-descript. The sleek shimmering orange tube is pretty and small enough to carry in a beach bag. As this only comes in a small tube it is probably best saved for the face which (as is always exposed) needs the greatest level of protection.

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