How to do a home pedicure: step by step

I think doing a home-pedicure and getting it to look perfect is one of the hardest beauty things to master, well at-least I never quite manage it (always my right foot that looks wrong) but to make the process as easy as possible I have put together a few how-to tips:

1. Scrub-off hard skin: using a foot-file such as Boots Smoothing Foot File (£3.49) is a sand-paper style file. If you have some seriously hard skin you may need something a bit more hardcore Boots Gorgeous Feet Foot File (£3.49) is a metallic ‘cheese grater’ style foot file.

2. Apply foot cream: see my ‘Flip Flop Ready Feet’ post for a couple that I think are fab.

3. Trim nails: so they are square and short. Nothing looks more gross than long toenails (and tacky, if it is done on purpose) Keep them square to help prevent in-grown toenails.

4. Apply a base coat: if painting nails a dark shade to prevent the colour from staining nails. Recently I have been using Mavala Protective Base Coat (around £8)- I like this one because it dries really quickly.

If you don’t have a base coat you can just use a clear polish- something that creates a barrier between the dark colour and the nail.

5. Paint nails: go carefully, don’t rush! Depending how flexible you are will make a difference how easy this is, but make sure you have good lighting and get your feet as close as possible so you can see what you are doing.

Yesterday, I painted mine a gorgeous deep purple/blue shade from Elegant Touch Professional (£4.95) called Dark Purple. It’s an absolutely stunning colour but there is no hiding mistakes with something so deep- which is unfortunate as I totally messed up my right foot (as usual) so removed the colour and re-painted today with e.l.f. nail polish in Blush (a subtle creamy gold-much easier to disguise when I go wrong…).

The picture at the top is of the elf shade from the elf website- but it doesn’t really show the true colour which is far more golden.

6. Use a drop of quick-dry solution: if (like me) you hate waiting for polish to dry. I have been using SpaRitual Andale Dry and Shine Drops– they work really quickly and all you need to do is drop them onto the nail with the built in pipette applicator.

7. Slick on a top coat: Again, like with the base coat- a clear polish can be just as effective- all it really needs to do is to create a barrier between the colour and knocks and bumps. But I have found the glossiest ever top coat though- anther Mavala product- Colorfix Strong Flexible Top Coat (around £8) so glossy and dries pretty quickly- fabulous.

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  1. sassyele
    August 13, 2009 / 9:07 am

    Hi there…thanks for the advice above!! just to say, i recently got the Revlon Pedi-Expert pedicure kit, and it is fab!! it contains a nail file, some nail clippers and the pedi-expert itself…ideal for removing dead skin and leaves feet silky smooth and sandal ready!! x

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