A little touch of magic… Dove Spa Flash Dash review

I have been using Dove Spa’s Flash Dash Instant Beauty Drops (£15) on and off for a couple of months now and thought I would share my views on it.

The Flash Dash comes in a tiny bottle with a pipette to dispense droplets of the pearlescent liquid. The light reflecting pearl effect is a tried-and-tested method of adding a touch of radiance to skin.

What do I like about this product:

  • It is light and absorbs easily
  • Tiny bottle is easy to carry around

What do I not like about this product:

  • One drop applied to bare skin doesn’t seem to make any difference.

The best use I have found for this product is to apply a couple of drops under the eye, over-make up. This is especially good if, like me, you have a few lines under your eyes and make-up can tend to settle in them- the light reflecting effect of the Flash Dash helps disguise lines and keep you looking wide-awake.

Just to elaborate a little on the Dove Spa skin care range. The range includes a selection of lovely products that are well worth checking out. I really like the “Sooth Away” Calming Toner (£12.50), which is unique as it comes with a spray dispenser. Perfect for my sensitive skin as I can simply spritz it onto my skin to cool and calm.

The Dove Spa Salons also have a couple of super-deals on at the moment, including the fabulous-sounding ‘Refresh Your Senses’ treatment, which for £39 you can enjoy a full body brush, face polish and mask, full body massage and get a free Dove Spa Body Brush. Amazing value!


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