#StepIntoSummer Week Four

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How is it week four already?! Where is this month/year going?! I can’t believe it’s already been a month. Now, first things first – a little update on the general Weight Watchers front. I’m still finding myself a bit hit and miss about how well I stick to my points and tracking on a daily basis. But I am 100% making better choices – rather than crisps I’m reaching for fruit or low fat yoghurt as a snack. I am still indulging in diet coke…which healthy eating wise isn’t great, but weight watchers wise is allowed (one of the reasons I’m a fan of the programme). I have had the odd cheeky avocado-based meal, which isn’t great for WW. But overall – I’m feeling better simply for making the healthier choices – I said it last week, but the Simple Start app is a real helping hand for me as it serves as just a simple reminder of making healthier choices.

I did a bit of a supermarket shop the other day and found myself picking up products a bit different to my ‘norm’ routine -which is definitely an upside to the recipes and new combinations I’ve been learning. I also picked up some other healthier snacks like rice cakes and pistachios. So, bar not being perfect at tracking my points – I am feeling better and definitely being a more ‘conscious’ eater – rather than just mindlessly going for what’s easy or quick.C4 creative

Challenge Four:

Now this was a tough one for me – as one of the things that’s my big weakness with food is the spontaneous side of it. Choosing what I want to eat in the moment rather than planning ahead – when I was working in an office I would never take my lunches in because I just knew it wasn’t going to feel all that appetising when it got to lunchtime as it might not be what I fancied. Saying that, this is all in all a big sign of my issue with food – always going for what I want in the impulse rather than exercising a touch of control and eating something I should instead of what I want. So whilst this was a hard challenge (I had to plan what I was going to eat, even at the weekend) it was a bit of a wake-up call!

The biggest challenge is eating at other people’s homes – something you basically can’t plan in advance at all! You just have to hope for the best and again – try that self control thing I’m not all that great at. So with a couple of slight fails (a BBQ at my parents at the weekend… it was delicious, but one of those I just can’t bear to count how bad this is meals) I have tried my very best to plan all my meals in advance. I haven’t planned the whole week, just a day in advance or so – baby steps!

But, one of the plus sides of planning is making the ‘hero recipe’ of the week – and this week’s was a darn good one (possibly my favourite yet). It was homemade burger, potato wedges and tomato salsa (14PP) and it was delicious, if I say so myself. I did make a few tweaks to the recipe – I’m not a fan of onion, so I actually skipped adding this to the burgers. I don’t know if that’s a big no-no or not, but they tasted good to me. I added a bit extra on the herb front than the recipe said  and I skipped the bun. The bun would have been a Warburtons Sandwich Thin – which I did have in the cupboard, but decided that quantity wise I had plenty on my plate and didn’t need it. I also added quite a lot of chilli to the tomato salsa – and skipped the Spring Onions (for same reason as the burger) so it was probably more of a spicy tomato salad than a salsa… Overall though, I absolutely loved this dish and felt pretty chuffed with myself at the end of making it all myself! I’m no culinary genius as to be honest, Ollie does the vast majority of cooking – but again, this is another reason why I’m really enjoying these weekly challenges on the #StepIntoSummer series.

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Get Involved

As with every week – Weight Watchers are running a giveaway across their social channels and you can get involved – this week’s prize is a set of ‘Lock & Lock food storage sets’ – all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is tweet about your perfect breakfast using hashtag #StepIntoSummer

FYI – my perfect breakfast would either be a full American-style pancakes/eggs/crispy bacon/maple syrup (not so healthy) or greek yoghurt and grapefruit (healthier) options… depending if I’m feeling good or naughty. Clearly on Weight Watchers the American option is well and truly off the cards unless I plan to not eat for the remainder of the week!

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  1. May 19, 2014 / 11:54 pm

    I totally have the same problem with planning meals. I’ll make stuff that will have leftovers I can use later in the week and then I just go “nope, not eating that again” or buy in stuff and then not want it at all.

    Those burgers and the salsa look amazing though. Do waaaant.

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