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vice or virtue.jpgOk, a little introduction – Chrysler and Stylist Magazine have teamed up to set a month long series of daily challenges around the theme of vice or virtue. All centred around the Chrysler Ypsilon (a very cute little city car) – the word for the greek letter ‘Y’ with the story behind this being that the trunk of the letter Y represents our youth and as we reach adulthood we choose between the path of vice or virtue. With the idea being that as we get all old and sensible (ish) we take less risks and maybe get stuck into a routine or rut…so taking these daily challenges (some small…some bigger…) is a way to shake things up and be a little different. Each daily challenge can be found on the Stylist Magazine Website – along with details of the rewards you can get for taking part and choosing vice or virtue for  yourself.

Which is all great, but where do I come in? Well, over the month (25 days to be precise) I will be taking part in a selection of the challenges and sharing updates on what I choose (and why) and how I got on. I won’t be sharing details of the future challenges – as that would spoil the surprise! Although I have had a sneak peek… and there are some really fun ones in there! My update so far…what challenges have I taken:


Vice or Virtue: 12th May 

Virtue: Be brave and ask your boss for a pay-rise/promotion

Vice: Ditch the day-to-day and follow your dream

Well, this one is a tiny bit of a cheat… as it was something I really did at the end of last year. But I went with VICE for this one and ditched the day job in favour of following my dream of working for myself and being able to blog first time. I say this is a cheat as it obviously wasn’t something I could do on the day – but felt it was quite a big thing, so wanted to include it (plus thought it would be fun to kick of with a bit of vice) – plus being my own boss makes it a bit silly to ask for a promotion…!

My thoughts on this Vice versus Virtue choice – Whichever option you feel you would choose (I like this one to think about even as the challenge has passed) takes some guts. The one thing I would say is that if you’re leaning towards ‘Vice’, and you have that feeling in your stomach or the thought whizzing around your head saying you can do it – then listen to it and go for it. For a really long time I was totally convinced I could never take the risk of giving up a regular decent salary for the gamble of something like blogging/working for yourself. But then something changed, and I just felt deep down that I could do it and would kick myself if I didn’t at least try. If you have that feeling, then listen to it – obviously think rationally before you hand your notice in (I wrote my own business plan and talked it through at length – including back up plans before quitting the day job). But thinking outside of the traditional 9-5 – definitely something most automatically get sucked into in adult life – is refreshing and eye-opening. It was the best decision I’ve made – second only to starting my blog in the first place.


Vice or Virtue: 16th May

Virtue: Spend Friday Night in with a face pack and a relaxing read

Vice: Party the night away in a VIP club

Ok, so this feels a little soft following on from my big ‘Vice’ choice opening challenge…but today I will be mostly spending the night chilling out and choosing VIRTUE. Whilst I am partial to a night out with the girls dancing like I think I’m Beyonce (with each drink the better a dancer I think I am…) but due to the addition of a puppy to my life – tonight I will actually be forsaking a night of Vice in Sheffield where all my girls will be to celebrate on of my best friends birthdays. So I will be home in London, with the puppy and enjoying a night of chilling out. I was going to say I have the flat all to myself and the chance to make it into a girly haven…but then I remembered that this is going to be somewhat spoilt by the addition of half of my boyfriends stag party staying here ahead of catching an early flight in the morning. But fingers crossed it wont take too much persuading to get them to head to the pub and I can enjoy a night of pampering Virtue. I am a beauty blogger after all – it would take a lot for me to resist a night of beauty treats!

So those are my two choices so far – there’s another one coming up on Sunday that my inner child is really excited about! I will blog again on other challenges I’ve taken part in next week…but if you want to see what the daily challenges are and get involved (with chance to win daily prizes – today’s prize is a VIP night at Mahiki – there’s also a chance for a grand prize of a trip to Le Royal Meridien Dubai…yes please!) then check out Stylist Magazine Online for the daily updates.

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