Birchbox January 2015: Women’s Health

Birchbox Jan 2015
I’m going to put this out there, I really like January… I know it’s definitely the marmite of month’s of the year. But for me, the hope and anticipation of a new year really wins me over. Ask me again if I feel the same in two weeks, but right now – I’m feeling motivated and positive. Which basically meant it was perfect timing for this latest Birchbox January 2015 to land on my doorstep. This month’s box is themed around ‘hit refresh’, which basically sums up what I love about this month. It’s a box that’s in collaboration with Women’s Health Magazine too – which in all honestly has become one of my favourite magazine reads over the past years. As I’ve found my interest in ‘typical’ female magazines wane a little for various reasons – I’ve been leaning towards more specialist titles around fitness or alternatively US mags that give a point of difference to the UK ones. But that’s an aside…what’s in the box?!

In the Birchbox January 2015 we have… (drumroll):


Stila Lip Glaze (full size) – I’d describe this as a bit of a cult classic. A well known product that is one of the hero items for a brand – it’s clear packaging and twist/click design feels very familiar. I have the shade Glimmer which is a very sheer peachy pink with quite a lot of sparkle. The shade is nice but I do find the sparkle a bit off putting. But it is exciting to see a full size Stila product in the line up for a beauty box. I’d be interested to see if the shades vary

Philip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner (20ml) – A volumising conditioner from one of my favourite hair brands? Yes please! I am a sucker for a volumising anything and when it comes to Philip Kingsley, it’s a brand I really like (mainly for the scalp championing products in the collection)

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum (10ml) – If January had a buzz word it would have to be radiance. I for one am lacking in it post-party season… I do love Caudalie as a brand. They have lots of products that have impressed me on both the nice-to-use and effective fronts. This isn’t one I’ve tried before, but will look forward to giving it a whirl.

Healgel Body (5ml) – I am a big lover of the Healgel range (especially the eye gel) so happy to see this in there. Only little downside is that a 5ml sample ofr a body product doesn’t really go far and had I not tried this before then I’d struggle to decided on this sample size if I liked it enough to purchase. But, if you’re in that boat – take it from me, it’s a lovely product if you have dry/sensitive skin (body) and even if it leans towards the rough texture side of things too – Healgel is lovely stuff!

Activebod Feel Great Shower Concentrate (2oml) – I did have a little leak issue on this one but can happily say it smells delicious. Very refreshing and a definite tick for the ‘kick up the bum’ scent for a sleepy January morning.

Embrace Matcha Green Tea – I’m not a tea drinker generally. But aiming to introduce some nice herbal teas inbetween the diet cokes to at least make me kid myself that’s a little healthier. I’ve heard that if you have tried and not liked Green Tea then it could be because it’s been brewed too long and goes bitter…so going to give this one a quicker-dip and hopefully the taste will win me over and before you know it I’ll be a green-tea-and-yoga loving health-nut.

Birchbox Pilates Band – Basically a rubber band to be used for some basic stretching. Do not try and create a human sized catapult with it.

The box also includes a little booklet with 12 bite-sized challenges (like ‘slim down your gym bag’ and ‘take a cold shower’) to help on the whole hit refresh front plus a reader off to subscribe to Women’s Health, which if I didn’t already via Zinio then I would be really tempted by (10 issues for £18).

I love the overall theme of this box – I think that’s almost the make or break thing for a beauty box with me. If there’s a theme I can really see running through the box rather than a sort of cobbled together selection of fairly random items. A theme wins for me every time (oh, and good products). I do also like how Birchbox have always been a more lifestyle box – which usually means food/snacks. Another way to win me over in a jiffy!

Birchbox January 2015 * available now:

*Indicates PR sample or gift. 


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  1. January 6, 2015 / 10:46 am

    Quite interesting box! I don’t any products of it!

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