The Clinique Experience

I was invited to go along to the new Clinique counter in Selfridges this week to have the full ‘Clinique Experience’. Whilst I was looking forward to the visit, I didn’t really expect to have a totally revolutionary experience or anything above and beyond the normal counter experience.

I was of course proven totally wrong. I was introduced to my consultant, Rhona, who has over 18 years experience of working on the Selfridges Clinique counter – so really knows her stuff. She started by explaining how the process would work, starting with me talking about my concerns and then she would examine my skin with a big scary magnifying mirror, before moving on to her recommendations.

Fairly straight forward on the surface, I didn’t expect to be told anything surprising or revolutionary. But in reality, I came away really feeling I had learnt a lot.

My skin complaints are the lines under my eyes and the fact that my t-zone gets shiny through the day. My shiny t-zone has always made me think that I have oily skin but when Rhona had a closer look she surprised me by telling me that I actually have dehydrated skin. Rhona didn’t just tell me that she thought my skin was dehydrated but actually showed me, by running a finger over my cheek and showing how small lines are formed and then made me run my finger over her skin to compare. Rhona also explained that there is a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin.

Once my skin type and concerns were determined, we moved onto the product recommendations. Starting with the infamous ‘Three Step System’, she talked me through each product, why it was chosen and what it would do for my skin. I was given the choice between various formulations (bar of soap or liquid soap) based on my own preference.

Then Rhona moved on to products to specifically treat my skin issues. These included recommending ‘moisture surge’ creams, one for all over the face and one specifically for the eyes. This was another point where I felt I learnt something new. Rhona demonstrated how the moisture surge products should be used after the ‘Dramatically Different Moisture Lotion’. I would never have thought to use a moisturiser to follow a moisturiser, but it does make sense one is a moisturiser and one is a ‘treatment’ for my skin issues. So there you go- learn a new thing every day.

I have to also mention how gorgeous the new counter is and huge. There is a distinct split between the skin care side and the cosmetic side, with one being more clean lines and clinical feeling and the other a little more decorative with white floral patterns on mirrors. The whole area is light and airy and generally a lovely place to be.

I also managed to bend Rhona’s ear about foundation and concealer formulas that would be best for my skin type and issues, but I will come back to these in another post as this is getting kinda long.

I really think it is worth paying a visit to your local Clinique counter to have a chat with the counter consultants down there. They go through a lot of training and really know their stuff and will have seen all sorts of skin issues and will be able to impart their wisdom.

There really isn’t any heavy sales push either, Rhona talked the through the six-eight products she suggested and broke them down into three ‘tiers’ from the basics to the the more pampering treatments that were less essential. I will be testing out the recommendations over the next couple of weeks and will blog again about the results.


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  1. violet
    November 13, 2009 / 12:34 am

    i can’t wait to hear about the results! thank you for this post. =) love your blog too, btw!

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