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I never used to be a glitter sort of girl, but over the years my magpie tendencies have emerged and now I can’t seem to resist a bit of sparkle. This doesn’t really extend to my make up as such, beyond the odd bit of sparkle eye liner from time to time. But nails, that’s another story… I love me a bit of sparkle. And there’s no-one who really does sparkle better than Barry M. In terms of shade range, value and new releases – I can’t think of a brand that really gets me wanting to splurge on a whole host of glitter more than Barry M (I once bought 10 glitter polishes in one shop… I may have a problem). These three shades are the newest additions to the Barry M Glitter Polishes line up – and perfect time of year to take a closer peek.

barry m glitter polishesIMG_5529 IMG_5571 IMG_5572


The three shades names (from left to right) are Starlight (with the little star sparkles), Twilight (the blue toned shade) and Moonlight (the one with red sparkles in there). My first pick would be Twilight – as it’s the easiest to use of the three as it’s mainly fine glitter and doesn’t have any huge chunks. For example, Starlight has these really pretty little star pieces in there – but they’re hard to get onto the nail as you find you sort of need to ‘scoop’ out the stars to try and get them on the nail and you can end up with too much polish and it can get messy. Or you can just go with luck of the draw and just see if you get the odd star – but for me, I want the stars as they’re cute.

Then there’s Moonlight, which is a mix of fine sparkle, some red glitter chunks, rainbow coloured shard pieces and the odd star too. An ecclectic mix, which when on the nail does look like a total blend, where in the bottle the red shows a bit stronger. Both this and Starlight would work layered over any colour where Twilight would likely look best over a blue shade, or perhaps a white/grey neutral shade. Not that there are any rules of course – layer it over acid yellow if you fancy it!

Which is your top pick of these shades? Barry M also have another sparkly range out that I’ve spotted and very much fancy trying out. Will report back when I do of course.

Barry M Glitter Polishes * available from Boots (£2.99)



  1. October 12, 2014 / 1:02 pm

    I love a bit of sparkle on the nails too. These are very pretty, especially Twilight!

  2. October 12, 2014 / 6:22 pm

    I love glitter polishes, that glitter with the stars in is adorable! xx

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