LUSH: bargain alert

Over Christmas I have spent quite a lot of time catching up on some of my favorite blogs and discovering new ones. Along the way I discovered quite a trend of fellow bloggers loving LUSH, which of course meant that I now needed to check it out (darn peer pressure).

So today, I went into Cambridge to check out the sales and of course made a stop at Lush. This isn’t my first time shopping there, but it is the first in a very long time. Actually, technically that’s not true – I did buy a few bits there pre-Xmas when I somehow got roped into doing my boyfriends Xmas shopping for his Mum and Sister in law. For them I picked up two gift boxes, the ‘Happy’ one and the ‘Blossom’ one, plus a sample of Big shampoo for myself.

The sample of Big was enough to last about 2 or 3 washes and from the first wash I new I liked it – the lather is amazing, but with a really unusual bitty texture (because of the sea salt). The result was squeaky clean hair that has more volume than I have ever had or seen in my hair – and that was without any styling products or even back combing… so anyway, I was sold – and wanted to go back for the full size.

Which I did today, as I said. I had in mind the Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter too, but when I got to the shop I found they were out of stock of that and Big – the delivery lorry was robbed on Xmas eve! I’ll bet the thieves made a clean getaway with all that soap…. sorry, lame joke.

But when I saw the Sale they had going I had to get a few bits – when you spend over £20 you get either a mystery bag of products worth at least £20 or one of the Xmas gift sets (or a product of your choice) for free. What a bargain.

I went for ‘what’s in the mystery bag’ option – and got a selection of Xmas goodies, including the delicious candy cane bubble bar plus some bath ballistics and other lovely bits. I won’t do the full list as I haven’t used any of them yet – but when I do, I’ll do a full review – but in the meantime, get yourself down to Lush and grab yourself a bargain.


  1. Ashwini
    December 29, 2009 / 9:02 pm

    ROFL I love the “clean getaway” joke. YOu had me chuckling at work. Great blog, i just started following ya!

  2. December 30, 2009 / 12:47 pm

    Thanks – glad you like it!

    The clean getaway joke is a *tad* cheesy… but I couldn’t resist including it. I can’t take credit for the comedy genius though, that was my Mum’s comment when I told her about the LUSH robbery 🙂

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