Arezoo: Waxer Extroidinaire

I’ve been meaning to write about the wonderful Arezoo since I first paid her a visit back at the beginning of the year. Arezoo is an absolute waxing expert, with a salon based in the heart of Knightsbridge, she is responsible for keeping some very famous bodies hair-free and bikini ready, year round.

She has a technique (involving a combination of her skill and ice cubes) that somehow manages to make even the most intimate of waxing feel as close to painless as I have ever experienced. She pays amazing attention to detail, no hair is left un-plucked! And to top it all off she will talk to you like a friendly aunt, and read you your horoscope (she also has a real knack for reading what star-sign you are after meeting you for a few moments) and make you want to hug her when you leave.

I can’t rave about Arezoo enough, she really is a wonderful waxing therapist (she does offer other treatments too – but waxing is her specialty) She also has her own range of anti-ingrown products that are rather wonderful too (more on these shortly).

Seriously though, if you live in London – visit her. She really is the best.

Bikini waxing with Arezoo costs from £35.

Arezoo’s website.

Beauty junkie London was a guest of Arezoo.


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  1. Anonymous
    August 10, 2011 / 9:09 am

    I went to visit Arezoo and will be back, she’s not cheap but she is so good!

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