Bloom Mineral Plus Lipstick in ‘Ragtime’

I recently reviewed a couple of bits from the Burberry Make-Up range including the rather gorgeous ‘Hibiscus’ lipstick – a deep red with berry tones. When I was doing this I realised that I had a very similar (I’m not going to use the ‘D’ word here quite yet) version also in my collection of things still to try out. A lovely mineral lipstick from ‘Bloom’ a brand available in Superdrug which has caught my attention before, but I’ve never quite gone as far as buying anything.

So when given the chance to try a few bits out I was very curious – I haven’t read much on the old blogging world about the range, so didn’t know what to expect.

I was sent a lipstick in the shade Ragtime – the name and colour both perfectly evoke a real vintage, 1950’s style of image. Whilst I wouldn’t wear this on a regular basis it’s good to have this sort of shade somewhere in the collection – never know when you might want to amp up the glamour, go a bit vintage vixen or just make a real impact.

So the lipstick is lovely – very pigmented, rich and non-drying. Below is a swatch of it, next to the Burberry shade that I think is quite similar? What do you think?

The Burberry lipstick is more pigmented (the Bloom is swiped a couple of times above) and the packaging isn’t as glamorous as the Burberry. But this is to be expected – Burberry is high end, Bloom is drugstore.

The Burberry is a slightly pinker shade, they aren’t identical but but it’s pretty close.

That being said, the Bloom lippie is £10, so not as cheap as I would expect for a ‘drugstore’ product but still, a lot cheaper than the Burberry version at £22. An affordable version of the lush Burberry perhaps??

Bloom is available from Superdrug

**The Small Print**

The Bloom lippie was sent as a PR sample for review.



  1. sweetest_potato
    August 18, 2010 / 9:41 am

    I am a lipstick-phobe and I own three Bloom lipsticks, two lip tints and a lipgloss. I love them. Their colour selection is really great and they’re good quality too.

    I think you’re right though, they are quite expensive for a high street lipstick.


  2. August 18, 2010 / 12:16 pm

    I wouldn’t use the ‘D’ word either. They are not quite the same, though very similar. I see a lot more pink in the Burberry. Both are gorgeous shades and from what I can see of the Bloom lipstick, a tenner’s not too bad a price.

  3. August 18, 2010 / 1:36 pm

    They aren’r identical – there is definitely more pink although I think the picture I used does enhance this as there is a bit of a shadow over the Bloom. Still, at half the price I wouldn’t mind a little less pink…!

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