Get your glow on: Best Summer Glow Givers

It’s Summer which means it’s time to try and look all fresh and glowy at all times. Sometimes it’s easy – for example when on a hot tube and your make-up is about to fall off your face. No wait, that’s sweaty, not glowy…. Other times a combination of warmer weather and air conditioning type situations can leave you less glowy than you might hope for a sunny day. So I’ve picked out for of my favourite Summer Glow Givers that I’ve been reaching for lately to get that ‘I spend weeks at the beach’ each Summer look. All of these are in more of a liquid/cream type formula rather than powder. If you prefer powder glow products let me know and can do a separate round up of those radiance boosting faves. Perfect to extend that Summer glow or just fake it if it’s been more of a wash-out British staycation kind of Summer for you.


I should probably note here that not all of these are shimmer based highlighters – because glowy skin isn’t just about that sort of shimmer/glow. It’s about looking healthy and that includes a combination of that whole ‘lit from within’ thing people want, plus looking like you maybe have enjoyed a little healthy break in the sun plus maybe a little fresh air to bring colour to your cheeks. Bring them all together and you’re on to a winner.

So for this non-shimmer and non-bronze glow my pick of the Summer (and beyond) has to be the gorgeous Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam * (£19.50). This is one that gives that flush of colour in a way that just works perfectly for Summer days (and nights) as it does sort of illuminate skin in way that doesn’t need glitter or shimmer. A slightly baffling product when glow or highlight goes hand in hand with shimmer or shine – but it works. Great if you want to have a sort of radiance that doesn’t look too much. Ideal for day time as has a more natural glow to it than other highlighters.


To fake that ‘Oh yes, I spent a month in Barbados’ bronzed look there’s the gorgeous liquid/serum bronzer from bareMinerals. The bareMinerals Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer * (£25) comes with one of their signature brushes to apply in just the right sun-kissed spots. The serum texture means it is easy to get that natural glow rather than a fake painted-on bronze as the shade blends so easily with your skin. Even if you’re going almost make-up free this is one to use as it just adds that wash of sun kissed colour. Also, because it’s a sheer serum, it’s hard to get wrong – so basically fool proof. As long as you have the nifty brush to use to apply. Just apply and blend in those spots where your face would naturally catch the sun.


Then we have the combo that makes me want to just stop and take a moment. These two are from the ever-awesome Tom Ford make-up collection – both from the Summer range (so if you want these go quick as they won’t be around forever). My absolute love being the Tom Ford Skin Illuminator * (£54) – the bottle with the white and gold lid. And no, not just because it looks gorgeous. The colour is a beautiful flattering rose gold type shade. Not too reddy toned so it doesn’t cross into blusher territory but not so bronze or shimmering that it makes you resemble a disco ball. There really is a good reason Tom Ford is so lusted after. They just nail it when it comes to product from packaging, to shades to texture, fragrance… the whole package.

To top off the radiant glow from the Tom Ford Skin Illuminator – I combine it with a touch of glowy bronzing. So where the bareMinerals adds that natural bronzed ‘I actually have a tan’ look, the Tom Ford Cream Cheek Colour * (£50) from the Summer Collection is a combination between glowy and bronzy. One of those blendable cream products that combines just a splash of blusher/bronzer and highlighter in one package. Oh, and as you would expect – yes, the white/gold packaging combination is just dreamy. There are two shades in the Tom Ford Summer Collection and this is Pieno Sole. The other is a more blush-like shade called Pink Sand. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The fourth and final product in my best summer glow givers round up has to be the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Illuminator * (£27) – much like the Tom Ford Skin Illuminator this is a liquid product that works a treat as a pre-foundation glow-giving primer or as a on the spot highlighter for areas you want extra glow. The reason I included this along side the Tom Ford is that it’s a different shade. So where the Tom Ford is a peachy/pinky glowy shade, the Estee Lauder is more of a golden bronze type of shade. This is one I prefer for a more obviously highlighted look rather than just glowing or the whole ‘lit from within’ effect. The Estee Lauder is a touch more intense on the glowy front than the Tom Ford, in that when I use this I find my skin really does have that bronzed/illuminated look. As I mentioned, works well as an on the spot highlight to just dab and blend where you want to really get that Summery glow going on. Or you might just be more inclined towards golden glow over peachy glow.

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  1. Chloe
    August 19, 2016 / 1:20 pm

    The Estee Lauder one looks good!

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