Thillseeking with POLO Extra Strong Sugar Free

Something a little different for today’s blog post! And refreshingly different in more ways than one. The lovely folks over at POLO contacted me recently to see if I wanted to team up with them to do something refreshing – or out of my comfort zone – to celebrate the launch of their new POLO Sugar Free Extra Strong. Now, anyone who knows me will know that mints are by far my favourite sweet/treat category. I’m very rarely without a minty treat in my bag and the classic POLO has long been a go to. The fact the new variety is  Sugar Free AND Extra Strong gets a bit thumbs up from me.

So whilst a little different from the usual beauty-theme of the blog, the idea they put to me and the fact they would send me my favourite sweets latest launch to try had me signed up before we could say white water rafting. Oh wait, did I just think I was going to get some minty sweets to test and write about?! OH NO. Nothing that straight forward! There was a pretty cool challenge involved. The idea being that the new POLO Sugar Free Extra Strong mints are a bit of a thrilling minty rush of flavour, so they set me the challenge of doing something to give me that exhilarating rush like an extra strong mint to celebrate the launch.

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The whole idea from POLO Sugar Free Extra Strong was to do something that was refreshingly different – but also takes some strength…so there needed to be an element of getting physical in there too. We had all sorts of ideas, from horse-riding to helicopter rides, but decided to go with a refreshing thrill that seemed like a perfect match. White Water Rafting. Oh yes, I donned a wetsuit, grabbed a paddle and one sunny (thank goodness) Saturday I headed to the Lee Valley White Water Rafting centre to get a thrill that was most definitely more exciting than my usual Saturday of dog walks and brunch. Not to say I don’t enjoy a dog walk and brunch, but boy was it fun to jump out of my comfort zone for this!

Unfortunately due to health and safety (fair enough) I couldn’t film the actual rafting process – which would have been amazing. But I made sure to vlog as much as I can. So if you want to see me looking ridiculous and a total mess in a wetsuit post-rafting, please do have a little watch.



Best thing about it all though? Without being all soppy – it was great to do something so fun and out of the ordinary with Ollie. We’re both pretty independent people so tend to have our own hobbies and things that keep us busy, so it was really nice to get out in the fresh air and do something so fun with him. Afterwards we were both talking about signing up for memberships or training to be able to go down the big course (the one used for the Olympics in 2012!). It was also a total plus to enjoy a cheeky hotdog in the sun…before we did the ‘Hot Dog’ session on the water!



The most thrilling part though? Probably the bit where you have to jump in and float down the course… either that or the time we fell out the boat and I got stuck under it for a few seconds… that was thrilling… in a ‘I hope I don’t drown’ way. Of course there’s a tonne of safety there so I knew I would be fine, but in the moment it was a tad scary! But I did of course survive and live to tell the tale.

Moral of the story? Getting out of your comfort zone is good and doing something thrilling is pretty darn refreshing – just like the new POLO Sugar Free Extra Strong. Oh, and it’s a great abs and arm work out too! 

Post sponsored by POLO. 


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