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You should have seen Ollie’s face when he found me taking my photos for this blog post. His eyes lit up when he saw the Kinder Bueno in shot – informing me (very matter of fact) that ‘Did I know that Kinder Bueno is his favourite chocolate bar’… I didn’t in fact know this. But now I do. He’s pretty darn excited that I got sent a selection of his favourite chocolate for us to share. I also didn’t know they did white AND milk chocolate versions before now. Good to know (the milk chocolate version is my fave, in case you were wondering). 😍

So, chocolate related heart-eyes emojis aside… this post is all about a little challenge that Kinder Bueno posed to me. To break away from my constant internet/laptop routine and take a bit of a break and chill away from the Twitter feeds and instagram hearts of my day to day life. I’m guilty of not doing this often enough, yet every time I do I am pleasantly suprised by how much more refreshed I feel with a tonne more blog ideas popping up. So… about this little breather from blogging life…. oh and read on for how you can win yourself a designer handbag filled with your own stash of delicious snacks.

Post sponsored by Kinder Bueno.


So, Ollie’s preference for Kinder Bueno aside – back to the post. This is all about my ‘day in the life’ and how Kinder Bueno is a lovely little treat during the day and night.  I’ll be totally honest and when it comes to a treat I am not always the best with self control. But the best thing about these is that it makes it really easy to spread the yummy treatness over the day – so each finger is individually wrapped. Meaning you can have one in the day (I’m prone to a little chocolate fix around 11am personally) and then save the other one with no mess until later in the day.


Hence why these make a pretty handy on-the-go snack in my opinion. I’m quite prone to running late in the morning (oops) so it’s the sort of thing I can grab and go in the morning when I’ve had to dash out to meetings and of course been too busy snapping shots for instagram to do something sensible like have breakfast at home. I tend to have hunger-phobia… ok, I made that up… but I hate the idea of being hungry so basically always have this fear of hunger (stems back to always taking a snack into exams with me) so now I always have a snack in my bag just in case.

Whilst I do love a sweet treat, my favourite thing about Kinder Bueno is that it’s not *just* chocolate – the crispy wafer bit makes it taste like a nice cross between a crispy treat and a chocolate treat. A bit of both and it totally hits the spot. It feels light and crispy but chocolatey and indulgent all at the same time.


Best bit though is saving one for later. I’m making a proper effort at the moment to avoid the internet/computers in the evening to stop my eyes from going totally blurry. So I’ve kicked off another Gossip Girl marathon (if in doubt…) but it’s always a tough call between Gossip Girl or Sex and the City box set. Either way, it’s nice to have a bit of downtime before bed. Paired with a glass of milk of course – because I’m a big kid and can’t have chocolate without craving milk.


Also, the most exciting thing is that you can have your very own heart-eyes excited moment too. Just post your #DeliciouslyBueno selfie (twitter or instagram) for your chance to win a designer handbag filled with delicious Kinder Buenos. T&Cs apply for more info: Kinder Bueno competition


Competition: Closes 20th September.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Kinder Bueno via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Kinder Bueno.


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