London Fashion Week – Things I’ve Learnt {LFW}

It’s that time of the year again – where London Fashion Week madness takes over London/your twitter feed/instagram for a few days (with NYC, Milan and Paris also throwing their style related offerings into the mix before/after LFW too). Fashion takes over for a few days – from bloggers fretting about outfits and practising their best poses to brands galore getting in on the party. Whilst this season I’ve made a choice to limit what I’m doing show wise due to some work and life commitments – I did think it might be a good chance to share a few musings I’ve had whirring around my head this season. Having been attending fashion week every season in some capacity since 2011 I feel like I’ve picked up a few thoughts/opinions on the whole thing… so thought I’d put these out there for your reading pleasure! (ha!)

Nobody cares what I’m wearing…

And for the vast majority, it probably applies to you too. Unless you’re there to be photographed of course – and by that I mean you either plan to peacock up and down outside to try and lure a street style snapper or you’re a celebrity/top fashion editor/it girl etc. The first couple of times I was invited to go along to events for fashion week I agonised over what to wear. Then it dawned on me that nobody really cares what I’m wearing so  I might as well just go for comfort first and style second. Generally if you have packed your diary with fashion week related activities then you will learn that comfort always needs to come first if you want to get through the day.

But don’t wear all black…

One year I decided all black was the way forward for fashion week – a universally stylish shade that means whatever you’re wearing it sort of looks automatically cool. Or in the case of fashion week, makes you look like you’re part of the PR or organising teams and are likely to be asked a load of questions that leave you making a confused/baffled face.

It’s a trade show…

Going to Fashion Week over the past few years seems to have become a social event, a time for everyone to be very very busy and important and make themselves being busy and important. The thing I always remind myself about is that at it’s heart Fashion Week is a trade show – a chance for buyers and press to see what designers are putting together to see what will be potentially sold into stores, trends that will feature in magazines etc. So in many ways I can understand how some fashion industry types get a tad fed up with the emergence of fashion week as an event to be seen at and all the fuss that goes around it.

I will never not feel out of place…

Ok, sort of a personal musing – but I’m not a natural fashionista (hence point 1) and so the mere idea of dressing up to be photographed makes my skin crawl in all honesty. However, I do love taking photos of all the activity backstage and the buzz around it. So for this, I will stomach the constant feeling of awkwardness. It’s a strange feeling I find at Fashion Week for me as I always feel like I want to just vanish (when backstage and likely getting in the way of somebody important way) but I also sort of wish I didn’t look so totally invisible when I was there. I’d love to have that ‘I’m supposed to be here’ presence… but nope. Always a touch lost!


Fashion Week FOMO…

As above, I tend to have a season where I’m raring to go and really want to get stuck in to all things fabulously fashion week. Then I have a season where it all seems like far too much fuss and I’d rather just keep my head down doing other things. But without a doubt I always have fashion week FOMO (fear of missing out). Always when it’s a tad too late and I do a sudden dash around to try and fit as much in as I can. So no matter how many times I tell myself I’m not bothered, there’s still something really special about being there. Even if only as a fly on the wall with a camera.

You will see frankly bonkers things/outfits/people…

Maybe I just don’t ‘get’ fashion. But as a regular occurrence at fashion week you will see people in outfits that quite easily look like they could be fancy dress. Or just pure novelty. All credit to them for having the confidence to rock whatever the heck they want. As someone who loves a spot of people watching… you can’t get much better than watching the madness that is the buzz outside a fashion show! (Think pro-photogs, black clad clipboard-wielding LFW staff, bloggers, celebs, semi-celebs, people dressed up and walking as casually as they can whilst trying to catch the eye of a street-style photographer, a few lost tourists who just wandered past to see what all the fuss is… etc…)

Busy-ness becomes a competitive sport

EVERYONE there is mega busy/tired/stressed/all of the above. People fuelling themselves on coffee and coconut water (or vitamin water) is the norm. Topped off with a glass or 15 of champagne at a oh-s0-fashion party that happens every night before/during/after the main show days. You might spot talk of ‘fashion week survival kits’ and that’s pretty fair for those that are going all out for it – think buyers/journalists/bloggers who don’t even just do London but the full fashion month of shows (not me FYI – I’m smaller than small fry on the fashion scale). It’s very little sleep and a whole lot of dashing about. Hence why ‘fashion flu’ becomes a thing. Especially in todays instant-news internet land – you take a few hours to get a show report up and it’s already old news. No pressure then.

Backstage is the best bit…

I love covering shows from backstage – in fact I much prefer this to being in the crowd watching the show. Given the chance to go backstage and I’ll jump at it (assuming I’m not drowning in emails and miss the chance… ). For backstage shows my favourites that I’ve covered over the years are Sophia Webster – always so fun, Matthew Williamson – always a gorgeous beauty look that works just as well for real-life as runway, and Vivienne Westwood – a total icon and with looks as crazy as you can imagine and just a total honour to be backstage for.


Above all else, one thing I’ve learnt is that even as a spectator who spends the whole time feeling awkward and out of place, I am still a million percent grateful that life has taken me in the direction where every season since 2011 (I think) I’ve had the opportunity to attend London Fashion Week in some capacity. Being able to go backstage, watch the shows and even sit front row. Even at times when I do feel like fashion week is all a lot of effort – it really is all sorts of awesome to be able to go.

What are your views on Fashion Week?! From total indifference to love it with a passion – I’d love to know what your view on all things fashion week?! Leave a comment below to share your opinions!




  1. September 22, 2015 / 9:20 am

    These are some really good points, I completely agree with the ‘no-body cares what you’re wearing’ – when you take this into account and just dress for yourself you feel a whole lot better!

    Allie xx | Rush & Teal

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