Hay Fever Beauty Tips

Funny fact for you, before I lived in London I never suffered from hay-fever at all. In fact when I first had the symptoms I assumed it was a cold. It took me a good couple of years to really cotton on to the fact I did in fact have hay fever. So over the last decade I’ve learnt to spot those symptoms as early as possible so I can sort them – and avoid the delightful ‘allergy face’ as the folks at Benadryl have coined the term! This post has a selection of hay fever beauty tips and tricks to help keep allergy face at bay. Which means keeping the irritation down and prevent you too from looking from a wattery-eyed, sneezy mess. I know, not quite the ‘fresh summer’ look I was aiming for…


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Symptom wise, I think hay fever is one of those things that really does vary from person to person. With 18 million people in the UK suffering from hay fever the most common symptoms that pose a beauty-challenge on top of making you feel pretty lousy are: watery eyes (78%), red nose (40%) and puffy face (21%). For me, I tend to have eyes that water so much it can look like I’m crying. On really bad days I’ll sneeze a lot and tend to get a watery nose. Essentially it makes me look like I have a cold – which means red eyes, red nose and usually skin that’s even drier than usual thanks to frequent tissue use! A full on ‘allergy face’ in action. It’s a good look… or not!

This is why allergy experts Benadryl have worked with make-up artist Jo Freeman to get some of her top tricks to hide the allergy face and at least hide the pesky symptoms of Spring Summer allergies.


Hay Fever Beauty Tips

Conceal the red nose

Using a fresh and lightweight moisturiser to hydrate and soothe the area that might be feeling a bit sensitive from constant running/tissue.

Then reach for your favourite colour corrector in a green tone to apply around any particularly red areas and tone those down. Creating the perfect prep for make-up as colour correcting before you apply your foundation helps even things out so you don’t need to resort of a heavier base than usual to hide any redness.


Brighten watery, itchy eyes

My absolute number one tip when it comes to hay fever make-up is waterproof mascara. Without it, I look like I just watched the ‘goodbye Dad’ bit of Armageddon for the first time.

Jo’s tip is to avoid darker eye shadow. It can close eyes up and if you’re already suffer with irritated eyes, the last thing you want to do is close your eyes up more with darker shades. Jo recommends a matte vanilla shade all over the lid with a darker beige in the crease to keep eyes looking fresh and natural.

Another top tip is use a white or nude eye liner to counter any redness in the waterline. Instantly making your eyes look brighter and more awake. A white liner creates a more dramatic look, where a nude gives a more natural finish.


Distract from a puffy face

Contouring is your friend here. If you’re a natural at the whole ‘chiselled’ make-up look then now is the time to put your make-up face-shaping skills to work. Placing  highlighter and contour to emphasise the shape of your face can help soften any puffiness.

I’m not really into the whole ‘contour’ thing so I go with the next best thing and distract from any redness or puffiness with a bold colour! A bright coral-red lip is the perfect distraction and works really well alongside the neutral eye look too. FYI the colour shown here is Bourjois Rouge Edition 11 Fraise Remix and it’s officially my new Summer favourite & has made me rediscover my love of a bright coral lip.

The funny thing is that as I’m writing this post I am sniffling away and sneezing. The eyes haven’t started to stream too much as I’ve been inside most of the day. But my other tip for protecting eyes if this is one of your main issues is wearing sunglasses! Of course, the allergens are in the air so unless you’re wearing goggles you’re not going to be totally free of them irritating your eyes but I definitely find wearing sunglasses when outside helps that bit from my eyes being super-sensitive. So pop your favourite pair in your bag whenever you’re leaving the house for added protection!

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  1. July 15, 2017 / 5:55 pm

    Hayfever is such a pain in the bum! Using a nasal spray is the only thing that helps me out with hayfever.

  2. July 25, 2017 / 10:51 am

    This is why allergy experts Benadryl have worked with make-up artist Jo Freeman to get some of her top tricks to hide the allergy face

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