IGK Next Level Volume Spray

IGK Next Level Volume Spray

I have very fine hair (including some v.attractive post-baby fluffy regrowth…it’s a good look…) and one of my biggest day to day styling challenges is making it look like it’s not just a limp mop on top of my head. I also want to do this is minimum time with as little effort as possible. Pretty much my goal with all beauty routines – look as good as possible, in as little time/effort as I can. My latest fine-hair saviour product is the IGK Next Level Volume Spray.

When it comes to styling products, I don’t like to use loads as build up will counteract any volume I might have managed to achieve. I also find product build up can really make my blond dull down quickly. Both things I want to avoid. So I tend to opt for something to keep it soft/shiny – a light serum or oil on the ends. Plus something for volume, usually a mousse or root spray. I had heard good things about the IGK Next Level Volume Spray and was excited to try (this was bought via Sephora). There’s something about the Nordic Cotton element that really appealed to me for some reason!? Perhaps it’s the idea of the nordic blonde and thinking of shiny healthy blonde hair?! I don’t know, but it looked like my sort of thing. 

IGK Next Level Volume Spray

I wasn’t wrong, this stuff is amazing. I don’t tend to wash my hair every day any more (I used to do this religiously) but I used this after washing and two days post hair wash I still had volume in my hair. Let me tell you that this NEVER happens. My biggest reason for regular hair washing was that the volume would vanish and my hair would be limp and the only way I could give it a boost was a wash. But this one meant that with a quick style, I was good to go. I was seriously impressed. At best two days after a hair wash would 100% be a hair-up day as I would be eeking it out before I was definitely in need of a wash but with this I got that extra day of wear. 

IGK Next Level Volume Spray
IGK Next Level Volume Spray

IGK Next Level Volume Spray is available from SPACENK (£24)

If that’s not a selling point then I don’t know what is!? On a shallow note, can I just say how much I love the branding of IGK. I’m also a big fan of the Rich Kid Coconut Oil Cream for adding texture when my hair dries naturally (another one I bought originally via Sephora before they launched in the UK). Next on my must-try list is the scalp scrub, if you’re a regular reader you will know how I feel about all things scalp and this is definitely one I need to try.

This one though, if you have fine hair and need volume that lasts beyond one styling session then you need to try this. 

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This product was purchased by myself.

I have previously been gifted products by IGK.

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