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Not sure why my iPhone seems to make everything look yellow…

But these are two products I have almost used up in the past month. On the left is Dove Visible Care shower gel (in the ‘brightening’ version) and on the right is Dove Visible Effects body lotion.

Both of these products pack a powerful moisturising punch. Just what my skin needs at this time of the year. The moisturiser is really silky, absorbs quickly and leaves skin soft all day (and has a hand version too – same product, but in bag-friedly size).

The shower gel is very thick and you only need a small amount for a good lather. Downside of it being thick is that it’s hard to get the last bits out – I’ve had to hit the tube pretty hard to get enough out since it was about 2/3rds empty… Slightly frustrating. But it smells good and leaves my skin soft.

Another downside that I have to mention is that Dove is still a brand that is not completely free of animal testing. It’s a real shame and I sincerely hope that they take the steps needed to be free from animal testing in the near future.

Overall, on a purely product-review basis these are good everyday products, especially if you have dry or very dry skin.

**the small print**
products provided by PR for review.

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Following this post I was contacted by the PR in response to the comment about Animal Testing and have offered to post their response to the issue. Below is further information:

Dear Jen,
Thank you for your recent enquiry about our policy on animal testing. Unilever understands and shares your concern about this most important and complex matter. We are committed to the elimination of animal testing for our business and have made significant progress towards this.
I have attached an extract from our website which provides more information about our current position.
As you will see, a great deal of time and effort is being devoted to finding non-animal alternatives. As soon as these are validated and accepted by government legislation, they will be accepted by us, along with the companies and organisations with whom we collaborate.
Our first priority continues to be to our consumers. So, where required for health and safety reasons, we will have to carry out limited tests on some ingredients and food products. However, we will not use animal testing when there is an accepted alternative test or existing safety information available.
Thank you for taking the time to contact us and we hope that the attached information is helpful.
Unilever is committed to the elimination of animal testing for its business. It is equally committed to consumer and customer health and safety, and to the safety of its workforce and the environment.
In pursuit of these goals, Unilever on the one hand applies the strictest internal control procedures to ensure that animal testing is only carried out when no alternatives are available to ensure safety, and on the other hand invests in developing and applying alternative methods and novel approaches that will actually replace animal testing in safety assessments for consumer products.
By adopting this dual approach, we advance the elimination of animal testing and reduce the number of tests to the absolute minimum. We provide transparency in both the use of animals and to the progress in developing alternatives.
How we act:

Ensuring safety
The safety of Unilever products is assured by rigorous procedures using data from suppliers, the results of previous assessments, and the most up-to-date information from the scientific literature available in the public domain.
Our product development relies to a great extent on our ability to predict the safety of products. When there is a need to develop new data and information, alternative methods to animal testing and human volunteer testing are used to the maximum extent.
In Unilever, non-animal testing is the rule and animal testing is the exception. Unilever does not undertake animal testing or commission others to do such testing on its behalf unless it is necessary to meet its health, safety and environmental obligations or it is demanded by government regulators or other official bodies.
Before any animal testing is carried out, Unilever’s internal control procedures require senior management to certify in writing that there is no other way of proceeding. We do not test finished products on animals unless demanded by the regulatory authorities in the few countries where this is the law. In such cases, we still try to convince the local authorities to change the law.
Reducing animal testing
It has been Unilever policy to reduce, refine and replace animal testing by substituting alternative methods for over 20 years. We have been effective in considerably reducing the amount of animal testing required. The vast majority of Unilever products have in the past reached, and will in the future reach, the consumer without any testing of any material on animals.
Alternatives to animal testing
Unilever is heavily involved in assessing new methods for health and safety testing. To this end we support a vigorous programme seeking suitable non-animal alternatives. Over 50 papers have been published in the last five years in the peer-reviewed scientific literature so that its progress can be seen and others may benefit from its work. Unilever collaborates with other companies and plays a leading role with trade associations and government bodies seeking to develop alternative testing methods.
Being accountable
Until such time as we can be sure that human and environmental safety will not be prejudiced, Unilever will have to do a minimal amount of animal testing. However, it will be a vigorous driver for developing and applying alternative (non-animal) methods. A consequence of our policy is that we are always prepared to explain our position, concerns and approach. Thus by being open we are able to serve the cause of minimising and finally eliminating animal testing.
Source –


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