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A couple of weekends ago I went along to Malika in Westfield to experience their signature facial and threading. I have been trying to grow my eyebrows for a while as they have been over plucked, which has basically meant that for the past few weeks they have felt like an absolute mess – and I was really looking forward to having them tidied up again. To be totally honest, because I was all focused on the eyebrow thing I hadn’t really given much thought to the facial part of the treatment.

The Malika signature facial is an ALL natural treatment – and by all natural I mean completely fresh products are used. Not just organically produced or packaged products, I mean fresh banana and aloe vera. Yep, at times I may have had some pretty strong cravings for a smoothie during the treatment.

The stages of the facial in many ways felt just like a typical one, with cleansing, scrubs and masks all being used. The facial includes treatments to the top of the chest and shoulder area being treated and the head and shoulders/neck being massaged – which I think was the most enjoyable bit for me. My therapist worked hard to get rid of some heavy-handbag induced knots in my neck, which felt part uncomfortable and part amazing.

After the treatment my skin felt soft and smooth and nicely pampered. Later, when I got home and had a closer look I couldn’t honestly see that it had been all that deeply cleansed and the freshly moisturised effect had somewhat worn off and my nose area felt a bit tight and in need of moisturiser but it did feel very smooth and clean. A bit of a downside is the fact that this is quite a messy facial, on the tube back I could feel bits of the facial still on my face and in my ears. So I did feel in the need of a good wash to get the mush off.

With facials I like to give it a few days before writing the review to see how my skin reacts in the days following the treatment. Happy to say my skin has felt really good in the week since the facial, less dry than usual and with no breakouts of skin issues (other than dry skin around my nose that is cold related rather than anything to do with the facial!).

The threading treatment was also good, quick and straightforward. I like that the therapist talked me through what she was doing and how she determined the shape my eyebrows should be. As it isn’t just a standard shape for all type of treatment. I still have a while to go before my eyebrows are grown to the size/shape that they should be  – but I will keep going, attempting to keep them as neat as possible!

Overall I feel that Malika is a good place to get a quick & practical pampering/maintenance treat whilst out shopping – especially if you like your facials naturally focussed. But it’s not ideal for you if you want a super-pampering experience.

Treatment arranged via PR.



  1. April 18, 2011 / 12:26 pm

    This sounds like a great place for quick treatments. I love threading but hate how at most places its done in the middle of a department store in full view of all the customers so I shall have to keep this place in mind! x

  2. MeLikeyUK
    April 20, 2011 / 11:31 am

    I’m really glad you posted this review. I have always wanted to try threading and had earmarked Malika as a place to visit. I had only ever seen them in Canary Wharf so its great they have a separate unit in Westfield.

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