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I love testing skincare, and when it comes to blogging about products I like to be really thorough and give them weeks of use before I share opinions. Unlike make-up or nail or hair products – skincare really needs some time to trial before you can get a proper view of how your skin is liking it. Of course, you can have first impressions – if something breaks you out days after first using it, or  has some sort of reaction. Or you just now you don’t like it, then no point to continue trying – but usually, I like to give them a fair shot before I form my opinion.

So these three have made it into my skincare regime lately so wanted to share some thoughts on them…

new skincare

First up I should explain that I had a bit of a bad break out which prompted the use of two of these, it was mostly the result of not drinking enough water and not eating healthily but beyond glugging back the H20 (best skincare tip ever) I wanted to clear things up from the outside too.

So I took matters into my own hands with a bit of a deep cleansing/pampering session with Borghese Fango Delicato* (Available from Cult Beauty) icon– a mud mask designed for delicate dry skin. Which was ideal as despite the break out I also have quite dry skin (combination) so didn’t want to suck all the moisture out at the same time. I absolutely love the texture and consistency of this mask – most mud masks I have tried are a bit thick and gloopy but this was smooth and creamy and easy to apply and wash off after 10 minutes or so. The instructions on this say to keep the mask moist, which was a little unusual as I’m use to applying masks and then them sort of doing their own thing – if they go dry, then fine – I just wash it off at the end or if it stays creamy – fine, I just wash it off at the end. It wasn’t really a problem with this though as it didn’t really go too dry. But had I left it on longer it might have done. This is just the smaller tube from a ‘tester/travel’ set that I can’t find on the site, but the big size comes in amazing looking sort of large jam jar style packaging.

Then I also wanted to have a decent scrub that felt cleansing at the same time, so I dug out this one that’s been waiting for a trial for some time. This is a Warming Apricot Scrub from St Ives* (Available from Boots). Now I should honestly add here that I do tend to avoid really harsh scrubs but do like the odd one with actual scrubby bits – I don’t like to just rely on AHA type exfoliators. Not for everyone of course, this is just my personal preference. But this is very different to the original St Ives Apricot Scrub. It’s thicker and creamier and the ‘bits’ aren’t quite as lumpy. Definitely a nicer product to use and the warming effect does make it feel like it’s doing a better ‘deep cleanse’ job. Might be superficial, but I like it.

Then there’s been a new addition on the eye make-up remover front too. After my beloved Clarins remover ran out I needed to find something that was going to do as good a job, as quickly and without leaving my eye area feeling greasy. In stepped the new Camomile Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover* from The Body Shopicon. It’s a two-layer one, so needs a shake before use and does have a slight oily element but doesn’t leave eyes feeling caked in grease. One thing that might be really silly to like but the lid/dispenser is really nice – a very fine spout/hole means applying the liquid to cotton pads is easy and precise. Really is the little things! There’s also a gentle version which is nice, but I’ve been using waterproof mascara and long wearing formula’s recently (darn hay-fever making my eyes water) so needed the stronger duty version.

So there we have it, a run down of a few of the newest items in rotation for my skincare – the scrub and mask are ones ‘for emergencies’ so will be brought to the front line in times of break out… and the eye make-up remover is an everyday one.

What skincare bits are you loving right now? I always find Summer hard to manage skincare wise, my usual choices become too heavy…but some lighter ones aren’t quite enough…!

*PR sample



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