ESPA Skincare Review

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For the past month I have been using the following range of moisturising products from ESPA to prepare to write this post. I umm-ed and aah-ed over whether the ESPA range was right for me or not as it’s designed for ‘dehydrated’ or ‘ageing’ skin. Now my skin is ageing (everyone is, when you think about it) but I think what they really mean is older skin, I’m in my mid twenties, so this is too early for me and I was worried it would be too heavy. But I do have dry, dehydrated skin. So on that front it is ideal for me… so I decided to go ahead and give them a go. The products I have been using are:
– Lift and Firm Moisturiser

– Lift and Firm Intensive Serum
– Lift and Firm Intensive Eye Serum

– Lift and Firm Eye Moisturiser
– Lift and Firm Mask
Having used the products for a while now, below are my thoughts:
– Lift and Firm Moisturiser (£38 for 25ml)

This is my favourite product of the bunch, it’s moisturising but light-weight. Absorbs easily and keeps skin hydrated. It’s quite a ‘organic/herbal’ smelling lotion, which bothered me a little at first but once I got used to it I was fine.

– Lift and Firm Intensive Serum (£47.50 for 15ml)

Another lighter than expected product, a transparent gel that absorbs nicely and again leaves skin soft and smooth. Despite using this for a month I really can’t think of much more to say about this – this is a bit of an ‘extra’ product for me – not an essential.

Lift and Firm Intensive Eye Serum (£55 for 15ml)

This is another product that I’ve really liked using, Like the intensive serum it’s a light, consistency and transparent – absorbs easily and (in combination with the eye moisturisier) has really helped to keep my eye area moisturised and the fine lines less prominent. This is a lighter, more liquid version of the intense serum.

– Lift and Firm Eye Moisturiser (£40 for 15ml)

Like the above Eye Serum, this has been a real help in keeping the area around my eyes moisturised (as it’s this area and my cheeks that are mostly prone to dehydration and dryness) this is a thinner, lighter version of the face moisturiser in my view – so more suitable for the eye. It definitely hasn’t been too heavy for my skin at all and has been lovely in the morning to make my eyes feel really ‘quenched’.

– Lift and Firm Mask (£45 for 55ml)

The face mask has a thick creamy texture, it definitely leaves skin moisturised but I found it made my cheeks and nose feel a bit sensitive so I only tried this twice. This is probably the only product from the set that I would say is more suitable for older/ageing skin rather than dehydrated.

Swatches above L-R: Face Moisturiser, Eye Serum, Eye Moisturiser,
Face Serum, Face Mask

My overall view?

Love: The Lift and Firm Moisturiser – it simply works an absolute treat, leaves my skin soft and lovely. Plus the long thin tube packaging is a win with me. I took this and the eye serum & moisturiser on holiday, using one of those roll-up travel wraps, they all fit into one pocket really easily so very portable.

Like: The two eye products – the serum and the moisturiser are both really nice if you (like me) suffer from dryness around the eyes but don’t want anything heavy. I’d say these are both ideal for younger but dehydrated skin types that want a boost. The only reason I put these in the like section rather than love is that I can’t decide which one I like best.

Leave: Personally, I’d leave the skin serum and the mask at the moment – I find these are too much for my skin at my age. The serum feels like an un-necessary step that doesn’t really add anything to my skincare routine and the mask was just too heavy at the moment. I would say that these are the products in the range more suited to older, ageing skin.

So there we have it – the one other thing I wanted to add that really converted me was when I had my facial at The Chelsea Day Spa, the therapist asked what skincare I was currently using – when I replied ESPA she said that it was really good and that my skin definitely wasn’t dehydrated – which is a first in a long time. Every other facial I have had in the last two years I have been told I have dehydrated skin – so that really did help me secure my opinion on the range.

You can buy ESPA products from the website.

This is a sponsored post and products were provided for review.


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